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Remotely turn off or on any mains-powered device using your smartphone.

What is a WiFiPlug?

The WiFiPlug is a small box that sits between a device's plug and the socket, which allows you to turn the device on or off at your convenience using your smartphone, via the free app. By making it so easy to turn devices on or off, or even to set a schedule to do it automatically, you won't forget to leave anything running when it shouldn't be. The WiFiPlug connects to your home WiFi network, meaning that you don't even need to be at home to use it, so long as you can connect to the internet.  If you forget to turn something off when leaving for work, or when you go on holiday, just go to the app and turn it off instantly using your phone's internet. You can use as many of them as you like, and still be able to control them individually. Apps are available for iPhone and Android devices, and the WiFiPlugs can also be accessed through any internet browser.

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