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The average domestic water bill is just under £400 per year

The average domestic water bill is just under £400 per year

Don’t bathe your child with the dog – there are other ways to save water

How to Save Water

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Is it worth looking at reducing my water bill?

Though the water bill is often one of the smaller household bills, the average domestic water bill in the UK is just under £400 a year and most people don’t know that this is easy to significantly reduce. Each person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day just through taps, showers and other household appliances. Remembering to turn the tap off while brushing your teeth saves 6 litres of water per minute, but there are hundreds of more long-term and consistent water-saving systems that don’t require you to change your habits. Since water solutions like aerated showerheads reduce water consumption by up to 60% while actually strengthening water pressure, it really is worth looking into water reduction, especially since aerated showerhead customers see a return on their investment within one year.



How much water could I save?

Since 93% of the water consumed by the home is used indoors, the best way to save water is by focussing on features of your home that use the most water. These are nearly always showers, taps and toilets.

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Showers have become increasingly popular in the past 30 years, with at least 85% of homes now owning at least one shower. Though a 5 minute shower uses 40 litres of water (half that of a bath), this is unfortunately not representative of most British showers, with the average shower length being over 8 minutes long and those aged between 18 and 24 taking just under 13 and a half minutes showering. According to Unilever, popular power showers can double the amount of water used, seeing a family’s annual water bill soar to over £900!

Contrary to popular belief, saving water in the shower doesn’t have to mean shorter washes or compromising on water pressure; advanced aerated showerheads reduce water consumption by up to 60% while actually improving water pressure. By mixing air into your shower’s water stream, an aerated showerhead always produces a steady, even and powerful spray. This solution does not require your existing shower system to be changed –replace your current shower head with one that is aerated in under one minute and enjoy a showers that are costing you 60% less! The savings from installing an aerated showerhead, like the Oxygenics Waterfall Curve, is so great that customers see a return on their investment in just one year.



Rinsing the dishes and brushing your teeth are a part of everyone’s daily routine, but did you know a running tap wastes over 6 litres of water per minute? Reducing water lost from a running tap is easy with small, simple steps, such as using a bowl when doing the washing up. Unfortunately, little steps can only go so far in reducing water wastage and a more significant saving can be made by looking at the real culprit: the tap.

Like with showers, you can easily save the water lost through taps with tap aerators. Tap aerators blend air into your water stream, reducing the amount of water needed while improving water pressure. Most water-saving taps are now built with aereators included, but you can also buy aereators individually to install yourself. With just this one simple installation you can reduce the water flow through your tap by up to 9 litres per minute without compromising on the quality of your water pressure. Some estimate that this saving can cut your water bill by 1,274 litres a month!


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Almost 30% of the total water used by UK homes is flushed away down the toilet. With almost 45 million toilets in our homes, we’re using 2 billion litres of water every day! This number can be drastically reduced with or without a permanent installation; ‘dual flush’ toilets – where the user can choose how much water to use – have drastically gained popularity in the past few years due to them typically saving 7 to 9 litres of water per flush. If you’re not looking to completely switch up your bathroom, a Cistern Displacement Device (‘CDD’) might be the water-saving solution for you. These simple yet innovative products, such as Hippo the Water Saver, are simply placed in the cistern but can save homes 5000 litres of water per year. This cheap alternative is an incredibly easy and hassle-free way to save water and money.




Zip Hydrotap

Other ways to save water in the home

If you don’t have a bath in your home, there are lots of ways to reduce both your water and heating bill. For domestic properties where hot water consumption is low or where baths have been replaced with an electric shower, hot water needs could be catered for by an Under Sink Water Heater: a fantastic alternative to expensive hot water cylinders. These small and discreet devices only heat water when it is needed yet provide instantaneous and continuous hot water on demand. Under Sink Water Heaters are ideal for properties which are a little short of space or where there is no hot water provision.

For those who like saving money while living in luxury, an instant hot tap prevents unnecessary hot water from being in reheated in the kettle. You can even choose from boiling, chilled, ambient and sparkling water.



What are the most popular water-saving products?

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Water-saving Showerheads

The water aerators in water-saving showerheads, such as the Oxygenics Waterfall Curve, mix air into the water stream of your existing shower to increase water pressure while reducing your water consumption by up to 60%. A quick, one-step installation that can have you saving money in under one minute!




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Under Sink Water Heaters

For homes short of space or where hot water consumption is low, an Under Sink Water Heater can meet all your hot water needs. By only heating water when you need it but still providing instantaneous, continuous hot water, an Under Sink Water Heater renders expensive and problem-prone hot water cylinders a thing of the past. Ideal for residential or commercial properties.




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Water-saving and Hydro Taps

Water-saving taps reduce water consumption by up to 60% without compromising on water pressure using water aerators. Or choose to only heat your hot water when you want it with an instant hot tap. Have the luxury of choosing from boiling, chilled, ambient, sparkling and even hot and cold unfiltered water for washing-up, all using your tap.




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'Hippo the Water Saver' Cistern Displacement Device

Save 1 litre of water per flush with this easy, non-permanent water saving solution. With just one cheap product, you can save your home 5000 litres of water a year without changing your habits or daily routine. Cistern Displacement Devices do not interfere with the mechanics of your toilet and will ensure that each flush is water efficient, but also just as powerful.




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Eco Tap Aerators

Eco Tap Aerators like the Neoperl M24 Male Eco Tap Aerator can reduce the flow rate of your tap to just 3.5 litres per minute while actually improving your water pressure. Since some older taps can flow up to 18 litres a minute, an Eco Tap Aerators is a simple and cost-effective solution to improve the water efficiency of your tap and save you money, reducing your water consumption by 60%.




Benefits of Home and Office Water Saving

Save water with a range of permanent and non-permanent water saving solutions

Save up to 60% on your water bill with just one installation

Actually improve water pressure while cutting water usage

Large range of water-saving solutions for all budgets

Saves water with quick return on investment


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