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Tariff and Benefits Services (TABS)

What is TABS?

TABS is a tariff switching and benefit checking service offered by Greenvision Energy to see if your tenants are on the best tariff and metering for their heating systems. We arrange the replacement of pre-payment meters with standard meters wherever possible and we make sure tenants are receiving all their benefit entitlements, including Warm Home Discount and Affordable Warmth Payment.

This service is included in every installation we carry out for social housing associations. It can save your tenants £100s per year and reduce fuel poverty thus improving their health and well-being, and encouraging long term sustainability of tenancy.

In addition, TABS offers free property checks, with a report on the current state of the heating system, damp issues and general environmental conditions with recommendations for any improvements. General energy saving advice and literature will be given to each tenant, including how to read energy bills and how to save money. An EPC can also be carried out and smart meter installed.

Apply for a free trial
You may already have a TABS service in place. We can complement what you are already doing or we can put a package together based on your requirements. Why not take advantage of Greenvision Energy's free TABS trial?  Email or call 0115 854 7498 for more information.

National Energy Action – Health and Innovation Programme: Greenvision Energy is a member of the National Energy Action (NEA) and we worked with the charity to help Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) install energy-saving technologies in their housing stock.

The project was part of the NEA’s Health and Innovation Programme and it was one of the reasons why we created TABS. We saw the benefits of advising NCHA’s tenants on switching tariffs and the significant savings in their fuel bills.

For more details of the project, (please click on the link).

Benefits of TABS to the Housing Association?

 Sustainable tenancy – valued tenants, less rent arrears.

 A report to identify inefficient heating systems and issues on the property that need urgent attention to help prevent future costly maintenance and to save man-hours dealing with problems that could otherwise snowball.

 Great PR for your housing association. Record how much money you have saved your tenants.

 Your most cost effective way to improve sustainability of tenancy, reduce fuel poverty and maintain the standards of your housing stock.

Why choose Greenvision Energy

 Tenants receive a Free Tariff and Benefits Services (TABS) check. We will make sure they are on the right tariff and getting the best deal from their energy provider, saving them £100s per year. And we will ensure they are receiving the relevant benefits such as the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Allowance.
 Tenants will receive consolidation packs that includes forms showing radiator room settings - preset times and temperatures, training on how to operate their new heating system, operational manuals and a guide on ways to save energy.
  We subscribe to a multi-measured approach to reduce energy consumption and fuel poverty. We offer a one-stop shop: survey, funding, installation, project management, education and procurement. We carry out energy audits and EPCs to identify the best funding solutions for installing energy efficient measures to your properties that give you best return on investment.
  Smart meters and energy monitoring. Greenvision Energy has a range of smart meters and monitoring equipment to help you monitor and evaluate new technologies for energy efficiency, temperature and humidity.

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