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Tadpole Deaerator

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Maximise energy efficiency by preventing boiler oxygen corrosion. Product code: TE-28-001 

Cut heating bills by 23.7%

36 month payback

Minimum 40 year life span

The Tadpole Deaerator

The Tadpole Deaerator is the simple boiler care system with amazing results. An innovative ‘fit and forget’ green energy solution, the Tadpole prevents corrosion in your heating system by removing oxygen from the heating water, thereby improving efficiency and cutting CO₂ emissions. Improving the efficiency of your boiler is a sure way to cut energy bills, and removing air from the heating system will prevent common heating problems, like having to bleed radiators. Completely maintenance free with a minimum life span of 40 years.

Tadpole vortex diagram

How does the Tadpole Deaerator work?


When water from your heating system enters the Tadpole, its powerful circulating pumps force the water into a fast spinning vortex. The low pressure zone created in the middle of this vortex is ideal for dissolved air to be extracted from the water, forming bubbles. As these bubbles near the Tadpole’s outflow pipe, the power of the vortex increases, forcing the bubbles into a dip tube. This tube leads the air bubbles to an air vent, where all the gas is released. The now-deoxygenated water then re-joins the rest of the piping system, where you can be sure it will not interfere with your heating.

Why would the Tadpole Deaerator be good for me?

By reducing the oxygen in your heating system to an inert level (below 0.5 ppm), The Tadpole Deaerator completely prevents corrosion in your heating system. That means improved system efficiency, prolonging the life of your boiler and saving the average household £150 per year, or £6,000 over the Tadpole’s lifetime! A pipes without corrosion will also reduce the level of maintenance your heating system needs, saving you money on annual maintenance costs and call outs. The Tadpole itself is also completely maintenance free, so you can feel sure that the Tadpole is saving you money for over 40 years. Since the average payback is 36 months, your household could benefit from 37 years of maintenance-free energy saving!

The Tadpole Deaerator will not just save you money, but can also increase the comfort of your home. The elimination of water in the heating system results in in increased flow and return temperatures by an average of 10°C and an increase in domestic hot water supply by over 2°C, all while using the same amount of energy. That’s in addition to curing many know heating system problems, including the uneven heating of radiators and bleeding radiators. The Tadpole also reduces the noise of heating systems, as much of the noise disruption is caused by air in the water.

The Tadpole not only reduces your heating bills, but can also cut your CO₂ emissions by 40 tonnes – that’s the equivalent of the Greenhouse gas emissions from driving 95,866 miles in your car!

For more real-life results, take a look at this independent case study from March 2016.

What are the benefits of the Tadpole Deaerator?

Save 23.7% on heating bills

Water 10 to 12°C hotter using the same amount of energy

Significantly reduced maintenance and call out costs

Minimum 40 year lifespan

10 year guarantee

Reduced CO₂ emissions

Suitable for most gas or oil-fired boilers

Increased comfort

Almost silent running

Cures known heating system problems including bleeding and uneven heating of radiators

Works with most boilers and all heat pumps

Easy to fit

How do I install the Tadpole?

With only two connections, the Tadpole is very simple to install. Ideally, the Tadpole should be fitted as close as possible to the boiler, but this system can actually be fitted anywhere on the heating system containing the flow and return pipes. That means you don’t need to change the layout of your heating system to save money – let the Tadpole fit in with your existing lifestyle by installing the energy-saving system wherever is convenient, whether that be a boiler room or airing cupboard. The Tadpole Deaerator can even be installed in roof space, though the Tadpole would need to be insulated.

The Tadpole Deaerator is designed to work with as many types of boiler as possible. At the moment, the Tadpole is compatible with condensing, non-condensing, oil and gas boilers, including combination boilers, as well as all types of heat pumps. Not sure if the Tadpole is right for your home? Give us a call on 0115 854 7498 for free, expert advice.

Why buy from Greenvision Energy?

We are Green Deal Providers and specialise in cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by installing energy efficient measures to homeowners, tenants, commercial clients and trade partners. Our aim has always been to offer convenient, comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service. We pride ourselves on our levels of service and our number one objective is to save customers money!

More Information
SKU TE-28-001
Average Lifetime Minimum 40 years
Body Colour White
Material Metal
dimensions 30 x 20 x 20 cm
Warranty 10 Years
Weight 1.9 Kg
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