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Up to 100% Fully Funded Storage Heater Replacements with Affordable Warmth

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Are you on benefits and does your home have storage heaters? If so, you may qualify for a storage heater replacement grant that is up to 100% fully funded through the Affordable Warmth (Help to Heat) scheme. Simply complete the form to your right or email us to see if you qualify.

You will be on your way to lower heating bills with the new Dimplex Quantum smart storage heater. 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters, the Quantum is stylish, elegant and allows you to set different times and temperature for different rooms. Once you have applied, our friendly staff will handle the entire process, taking all the pressure off you and keeping you updated throughout.




What is the Affordable Warmth (Help to Heat) Scheme?

Thousands of people in the UK needlessly struggle with fuel poverty whilst being at the mercy of old, inefficient storage heaters. In fact, a recent survey suggests that a staggering 47% of UK families are forced to cut back on food expenditure every winter just so they can afford their heating bills.

Thankfully, through the Affordable Warmth Scheme (part of the UK’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)), Greenvision Energy can facilitate UK homes with storage heater replacement grants. This means you could receive funding for brand new smart storage heaters if you meet government criteria.





Who is Eligible for Storage Heater Grants?

green circle   Homeowners & tennants who are on benefits

green circle   Landlords & estate agents, especially those with private tenants who are on benefits

green circle   Either of the above with old, inefficient storage heaters or no home heating at all

If you’re unsure about your eligibility, simply apply anyway. Even if you do not qualify for Affordable Warmth, we have other funded electric heating schemes available that are not means tested.





Why Apply for a Replacement Storage Heater Grant?

Modern storage heaters will make a real difference to both your energy bills and comfort. The aim of the Affordable Warmth Scheme is to make heating affordable for everyone in the UK, and a storage heater replacement grant will help you achieve this.

Like old storage heaters, Dimplex Quantums are designed to make the most of the Economy 7 tariff, storing heat overnight while electricity is cheaper. Unlike older models, new storage heaters are better insulated and use fans for even greater control over heat output. Dimplex gives you complete control over when you want your heaters to be turned on and precisely how warm you want them to be. Dimplex units typically cost hundreds of pounds each, but affordable warmth makes these top of the range storage heaters available with up to 100% funding.



Dimplex Quantums vs. Standard Storage Heaters



Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heaters

green tick   27% cheaper to run than standard heaters & 47% cheaper than panel heaters

green tick   Fully customisable heating controls - tailor home temperatures room by room

green tick   Boost option for unexpected cold spells

green tick   Quick, easy install process with a sleek compact design

green tick   Increases value of your property

Standard Storage Heater


Standard Storage Heaters

red cross   Leak heat uncontrollably throughout the day, running out when needed most

red cross   Wasteful and inefficient, costing too much to run for many

red cross   Customisation limited to on and off settings only

red cross   Bulky and outdated look

red cross   Uneven heat distribution: not government approved



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Why Choose Greenvision for Your Free Dimplex Quantum Install?

Greenvision specialise in outfitting UK homes with funded, top of the range storage heaters and water boilers that save money while providing additional comfort and health benefits. We handle every step of the process, so all you need to do is apply…

tick   Free advice and home survey to make sure you are eligible

tick   We’ll arrange the install appointment to a time that suits you

tick   A member of our trusted supply network will handle the install for you

tick   Full walkthrough of how to customise your home heating experience

tick   Like what we do? We’ll give you £25 for every person you recommend to us for a successful Dimplex install