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Energy efficient measures for Social Housing sector

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What is a Dimplex Quantum Smart storage heater and why are they so efficient?

A Dinplex Quantum smart storage heater takes advantage of low rate off peak electricity like a traditional storage heater but it can release its stored heat at pre-set times and temperatures. This is possible because the stored heat (the bricks) are encased in a highly insulated compartment. A sophisticated self-learning algorithm is able to decide on how long to charge the storage heater for depending on your lifestyle, weather conditions and your pre-set times & temperatures.

Smart Storage heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater and 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector heater. Their state of-the-art compact design (no deeper than a double wet radiator) can easily cover the previous fixing marks of old heaters. A boost option is available for unexpected heat demands: particularly useful in summer months when you may just require heat for a few hours in the evening. These heaters come with a 10 year warranty for complete peace of mind and their BEAB approval means that you can be sure that they will improve the energy efficient rating of your property. Very useful for landlords and social housing! 


Why is the Dimplex Quantum so efficient?

With Quantum, up to 90% of your tenant’s heating is provided using low-cost, off-peak energy. The heat is insulated within the Quantum allowing it to be released throughout the day at different times, and with a better quality of heat comes a better quality of health, which can help with tenant sustainability.

Due to this exceptional insulation and other clever features, Quantum is recognised using the Government recommended system for measuring a home’s energy performance as being up to 27% cheaper to run and using up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system.

A Complete Central Heating System

The Dimplex Quantum is a complete heating system for off-gas properties, and is available with a low energy consumption panel heater (QRAD) for low demand areas such as spare bedrooms. It is compatible with Solar PV, providing free electricity for the tenant and income for the housing provider. It has much lower installation costs than a wet system, and additional savings are made through the low maintenance and absence of annual safety checks. An excellent 10 year guarantee and readily available spare parts ensure that the tenant can enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters are stylish, elegant and have a low energy consumption. These heaters take advantage of Economy 7 by storing up energy when electricity is cheapest (midnight and 7am at night). This system only turns this electricity into efficient heat when needed, ensuring no electricity is wasted. Your tenants will be in complete control as they can pre-set their heating requirements.

Improve your SAP & EPC ratings

The Dimplex smart storage heaters from Greenvision Energy are government approved (BEAB), which means they will improve the energy efficiency of the properties and reduce your tenant’s heating bill by up to 27%.

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Lift your tenants out of fuel poverty

Tenants receive a tariff and benefit check. We will make sure they are on the right tariff and receiving Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Allowance and are getting the best deal. 

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Funding for external wall insulation

Transform your housing stock, increase its value and improve your EPC ratings with Greenvision Energy's external wall insulation. We can help your organisation to apply for funding for external wall insulation projects.

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Monitor your energy consumption

We have a range of meters and monitoring equipment to help you monitor and evaluate new technologies for energy efficiency, temperature and humidity, micro-generations and sub metering solutions.

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Wi-Fi electric radiators with remote set up

Rointe Delta Wi-Fi low energy consumption electric radiators allow you to remotely set your tenant's heating system to their exact requirements. This is very useful if you have tenants who are elderly, vulnerable or partially sighted.

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Cut a tenant's electricity bill by up to 15%

Voltage optimisation can achieve significant energy savings. This is because voltage supplied from the National Grid into your tenant’s homes (average 240V) is higher than that required by most electrical appliances (220V).

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Why choose Greenvision Energy?

Our number one objective is to save your social housing association money and reduce your tenants’ energy bills by applying for funding on your behalf, and recommending energy solutions that give you best return on your investment.

Tenants receive a Free Tariff and Benefits Services (TABS) check. We will make sure they are on the right tariff and getting the best deal from their energy provider, saving them £100s per year. And we will ensure they are receiving the relevant benefits such as the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Allowance.

Tenants will receive consolidation packs that includes forms showing radiator room settings - preset times and temperatures, training on how to operate their new heating system, operational manuals and a guide on ways to save energy.

We subscribe to a multi-measured approach to reduce energy consumption and fuel poverty. We offer a one-stop shop: survey, funding, installation, project management, education and procurement. We carry out energy audits and EPCs to identify the best funding solutions for installing energy efficient measures to your properties that give you best return on investment.

Smart meters and energy monitoring. Greenvision Energy has a range of smart meters and monitoring equipment to help you monitor and evaluate new technologies for energy efficiency, temperature and humidity.