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Increase your sales & conversion with design electric heating soluations

Domestic-Energy-Savings-Green-Vision Conservatories

Efficient_Electrical_Heating_Green_Vision Bathrooms


Increase your sales units & conversion with design electric heating solutions

Stay one step ahead of your competition by offering stylish, elegant ultra-efficient electric radiators. Our radiators are designed especially for conservatories, orangeries. kitchens and bathrooms.They are incredibly efficient and only cost a few pence to run per hour thanks to patented technology.

The benefits of our low energy consumption electric radiators & towel rails

  • Quick installation (13-amp plug) - 
  • No pipe work, no fuss, no mess. 
  • Dwarf Walls not a problem - 
  • Radiator available in different sizes and colours
  • Easy to control - Set different times and temperatures for different rooms. Use the simple control panel on the unit or the remote control or Wi-Fi option Comfortable - 
  • Radiators heat the whole room (no cold spots) Maintenance-free - 
  • No servicing required and units are protected under a warranty of 20-years

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Stay one step ahead of your competition

We offer a full range of discounted, easy to install conservatory radiators. We buy our heating supplies in bulk – meaning we can pass the savings on to you . Our radiators plug directly into wall sockets so you won’t have to bother with complicated piping jobs


Rointe D-Series-Radiator-Green-Vision

Stay one step ahead of your competition

Low energy consumption, stylish, elegant, dries towels and warms bathrooms, Wi-Fi enabled, easy installation. Our rails are available in any colour and are great closing tool.



Stay one step ahead of your competition

Our sleek low energy consumption radiators will finish kitchens with a premium feel. No pipe work, no fuss, no mess available vertical for space saving and in any colour.

Reducing energy bills since 2011

With years of experience we work closely with homeowners, tenants, commercial clients, trade partners, and landlords and letting agents to provide everything needed to be more energy efficient, reduce energy bills and also the carbon footprint.

We can help with every aspect of energy efficiency and we’re passionate about offering customers a comprehensive range of the latest products, expert advice, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

Need some help or require a quote?

T:- 0115 854 7498   E:-