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We provide everything you need for energy saving solutions

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Letting Agents Can Increase Their Profits by Embracing Green Energy

At Greenvision, we believe that Green Energy solutions should be a fundamental goal of any profit minded letting agency. Not only will eco-friendly measures create supplementary revenue streams, but they can also stand to significantly strengthen relationships between letting agents, landlords and tenants. Most importantly, as of April 2018, a property with an energy performance rating (EPC) below an E will be illegal to rent out. Letting agents who fail to meet this this basic standard of energy efficiency will be fined up to £4000. We offer a one stop shop -: survey: funding : installation

Are your EPCs correct?

We offer an EPC checking service by our experienced Domestic Energy Accessors to ensure your EPCs are correct. We can also help letting agents apply secure government funding for heating & insulation measures for your landlords. These installed measures will increase your EPCs rating and reduce tenants’ energy bills. It is now legal requirement for all rental properties to have minimum EPC rating of an E. It is illegal to rent out a property with an EPC rating below an E, fines of up to £4,000. Our expert consultants are here to help improve the comfort and health of your tenants while raising the value and sustainability of your properties.

Our products & Services

  • Electrical Installation condition reports (EICR) 
  • Electric heating installations
  • Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters Pressured electric water cylinders, 
  • Full refurbishments of rental properties Complete re-wire of rental properties 
  • Insulation measures of rental properties 
  • LED lighting 
  • Tariff switching service for tenants (saving them on average £100 per year)

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Improve your SAP & EPC ratings

The Dimplex smart storage heaters from Greenvision Energy are government approved (BEAB), which means they will improve the energy efficiency of the properties and reduce your tenant’s heating bill by up to 27%.



Reduce maintenance costs

With Dimplex Quantum water cylinder the world’s most advanced direct-electric water cylinder fully controllable. The Quantum water cylinder is ideal as the partner to the Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater



Are your EPCs correct? Have the checked

We offer an EPC checking service by our experienced Domestic Energy Accessors to ensure your EPCs are correct

Ventilation PIV


Eliminate damp and condensation

A PIV ventilation system, can eliminate damp and condensation saving you thousand’s pounds in repair bills. Also, PIV improves indoor air quality.

Innovative energy solutions for Nottingham Community Housing

An innovative energy project is well under way across Nottinghamshire, thanks to funds from National Energy Action (NEA). Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) received a charitable grant of over £350,000 to deliver the project, tackling fuel poverty in 74 properties across the county.

The funding, part of a national programme, the Technical Innovation Fund; Health and Innovation Programme, aims to facilitate community-level trials of innovative solutions utilising measures not traditionally within the scope of current fuel poverty and retrofit energy efficiency programmes.

Andrea Griffiths-James from NCHA said: “We are delighted to be awarded this grant to enable us to work with Green Vision Energy Ltd to deliver this energy saving programme.”

NCHA is committed to upgrading existing homes to improve energy efficiency and help reduce fuel bills for residents. The grant has funded the introduction of High Heat Retention, Smart Storage Heaters alongside further complimentary energy saving measures such as Voltage Optimisation; High Heat Retention Hot Water Cylinders and LED Lighting. Additionally, tenant training and tariff switching guidance has helped individuals to change old habits and save even further.

Jenny Saunders OBE, Chief Executive of NEA said: “This is a new and exciting programme for NEA. We know that the solutions to tackling fuel poverty require innovation and need to be tailored to local communities and this fund has given us the opportunity to test out a range of solutions.”

The work was completed at the end of September 2016; results will be evaluated during a two year monitoring programme to demonstrate the impact the project has made.

Boston Mayflower Housing Association Of Gas - Electric Heating

In 2015 Greenvision Energy were approached by Boston Mayflower Housing Association to look at replacing the heating system to two of their properties. We carried out surveys and talked with the tenants and housing officers to see what the main problems were with the existing systems, which were old storage heaters running on Economy 7.

The issues highlighted were:

No control over heat output, expensive top up heat used in the evenings, high pre-pay meter charges and condensation and damp issues

The Solution

We proposed to overhaul the heating system and install Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage heaters, alongside Dimplex Qrad radiators in the bedrooms and a new Dimplex water heater. Every aspect of the project, from initial survey through to installation and tenant training was managed by Greenvision Energy and was carried out professionally and quickly by our team of experienced installers. We also carried out additional services such as tariff switching and energy saving advice to help the tenants save even more. Sign up to newsletter for more update and case studies on Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters case studies. Such as the NEA Health & Innovation Programme (HIP).

Riverside Housing Association Case Study Whole House Approach

In 2013 Greenvision Energy were approached by Riverside Housing Association to look at replacing an old LPG heating system for a 4 bed bungalow that is part of a sheltered housing scheme. We carried out a survey and talked with the tenants and housing officers to see what the main problems were with the existing system.

The issues highlighted were

High running costs and no control over existing heating system. They wanted to be able to set different temperatures and times in different rooms. They also had high water demands and would constantly run out of hot water. Electrical appliances failed on a regular basis due to the high incoming main voltage. The tenants were also on a standard tariff for many years and were paying 15% more for their energy than they needed to.

The Solution

Greenvision installed low consumption electric radiators & a hot water cylinder (Rointe), plus 4 kw solar PV system with an Immserun device to maximise the electricity generated by the solar panels during the day time to heat the tenants hot water. We also fitted a voltage optimisation unit which stepped down the incoming voltage saving electricity and increasing the life of their appliances. We also changed the tenants from standard tariff to fix rate tariff. Every aspect of the project, from initial survey through to installation was managed by Greenvision Energy and was carried out professionally and quickly by our team of experienced installers.

Albert Weedall Centre Commercial LED Lighting

In 2014 Greenvision Energy were approached by Albert Weedall Centre sheltered housing to install low energy consumption electric heating systems. (Rointe Radiators) After completing the installation to the full satisfaction of the centre, we also recommended LED lighting as the centre is a 24hour operation and were having to pay high maintenance charges for replacement light fittings.

h3>The issues highlighted were

High maintenance charges for replacement light fittings, regular failure of existing lighting fittings and high running costs

h3>The Solution

Greenvision proposed to overhaul the existing lighting and installed LED panels & LED bulkheads. Every aspect of the project, from initial survey through to installation was managed by Greenvision Energy and was carried out professionally and quickly by our team of experienced installers. A breakdown was provided of savings and was presented to the Albert Weedall Centre.

Emma Stacey, John Dillon, Andover

"Both myself and John would like to say how impressed we were with the service from Green Vision Yesterday and in particular with the two chaps that attended. They were very courteous and tidy and even set all the settings on the radiators before leaving which I felt was above and beyond to the service. We were left with all the necessary paperwork and instructions and were extremely happy Green Vision were able to dispose of our old radiators. Fab job and we are very happy customers, lovely to come into a warm office without having to worry about turning it on and setting it ourselves."

G McTernan, London

“Greenvision has to be the most helpful company ever sent to my property. No mess and no confusion they just got the job done. What impressed me more than anything is that they saved me £220 by switching my energy tariff. How’s that for service! I was not expecting them to go the extra mile but this really made the difference.”

Sahra Bashi, London

“The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial survey right through to handing over. Installation was stress free and it greatly helps that the installers were courteous and clean. You showed genuine interest in saving me money on my electrical bills and I’m delighted to say that Greenvision saved me £180 by switching my tariff. I was never aware how simple this was! The new smart storage heaters are clearly going to save me even more on my electrical bills in the years to come.”

Pauline Miller, Surrey

““Seldom do I write about a company but I needed to in this case. I have had heaters from other companies, but the heaters I ordered from Greenvision Energy surpasses all others. One has to compare when buying these days and choose what suits, price, efficiency and service. There was no comparison in this case, Greenvision Energy is perfect in every way. This company excels.”

“It is nice to deal with a company that also has a very good aftersales service, a rare thing these days. Your quick response to my programming queries and energy saving advice was superb. Your sales co-ordinator Jade Cooke was especially helpful. Many thanks Greenvision Energy for all your help.”

Reducing energy bills for half a decade

Since launching in 2011, we’ve worked closely with homeowners, tenants, commercial clients, trade partners, landlords and letting agents to provide everything they need to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. We can help with every aspect of energy efficiency. Our aim has always been to offer comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

Need some help or require a quote?

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