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Become more energy efficient with our electric heating solutions

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Increase Your Profit Margins with, Energy Efficient Solutions

Greenvision Energy specialise in working with restaurants and hotels across the UK to help them downsize their energy bills and maximise profit margins. We offer a range of eco-friendly services and products which will make powering your business more cost effective than ever before. With heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, cooking, conventional lighting, and electronics all exacting a huge drain every day, a handful of energy saving measures can be enough to cut your energy bills by as much as 30%.

As a one-stop-shop for all things energy-efficiency related, we offer a comprehensive range of services and pride ourselves on making the advice, supply, install and monitoring process quick, simple, and painless. We handle every step of the process – meaning that we can work with you to guarantee that every energy-efficient measure we implement will not cause any significant disruption to your business.

Electric heating specialist

Greenvision Energy specialises in outfitting UK businesses with modern and cost-effective electric heating technology. Every electric radiator we stock houses ultra-efficient smart technology which will downsize your heating bills and increase your cashflow. Our dedicated energy experts perform complementary energy audits to make sure you are equipping your business with the most cost-effective equipment possible.

We have had years of experience in supplying commercial enterprises with smart electric heating solutions. Our expert advisors, supply networks and trusted roster of installers work together to make your heating upgrade run as smoothly as possible, with no interruptions to business.

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Voltage Optimisation can achieve significant energy savings and also extend the life of electrical equipment. This is because voltage supplied from the National Grid into homes and businesses (Average 240V) is higher than that required by most electrical appliances (220V).



LED lighting uses up to 90% less electricity than halogen or incandescent lighting which can mean much lower bills and big savings in energy. LED light bulbs also last much longer than standard halogen bulbs, often lasting up to 20 years so replacement costs are lower as well.

Reducing energy bills since 2011

With years of experience we work closely with homeowners, tenants, commercial clients, trade partners, and landlords and letting agents to provide everything needed to be more energy efficient, reduce energy bills and also the carbon footprint.

We can help with every aspect of energy efficiency and we’re passionate about offering customers a comprehensive range of the latest products, expert advice, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

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