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Make Your Energy Bills More Manageable With LED Lighting

Consuming 90% less energy and lasting up to 15 years longer than traditional lighting sources, LEDs are undoubtedly the future of commercial lighting. LEDs are simple, yet remarkably effective tools for downsizing both your energy bill and carbon footprint. With no upfront costs via our Pay As You Save scheme, you will experience an immediate turnaround in your property’s energy consumption.

As experts in Energy Saving measures, we excel at carrying out the full LED supply and fit process quickly and with no serious disruption to your business. Our expert staff will perform free surveys in order to advise you on precisely which LEDs are right for your business. Our complimentary surveys are also a great way to discover other simple solutions you can implement to drastically reduce your company's' energy consumption.


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Use 90% Less Energy than Conventional Lighting

green circle   Conventional incandescent and halogen lighting waste 95% of their electricity input by turning it into heat

green circle   LEDs efficiently convert energy into light to create brighter, more sustainable bulbs

green circle   LEDs last up to 15-20 years – for a small additional upfront cost you’ll reduce the energy and maintenance costs of lighting your home by up to 90%

Fitting snuggly into standard bulb sockets, LED bulbs require no special installation measures. Just screw them in and you’ll be ready to go!



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Save Money with Smart Automation & Customisation

green circle   Reduce your bills even more by preventing wasted lighting usage

green circle   Control your lighting from anywhere in the world with a smartphone app

green circle   Implement motion sensors to make sure that lights are not left on in vacated rooms

Improve your profit margins by taking advantage of modern lighting technology.



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A Ticket for Enhanced Capital Allowance Tax Breaks

green circle   As an item on the Energy Technology List (ETL), LED bulbs qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme

green circle   The ECA allows you to improve your cash flow by removing the cost of LEDs against taxable profits in the year of purchase

green circle   As well as boosting profits, embracing LEDs will also significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint

Utilise LEDs to demonstrate that your company is a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious enterprise.



Pay As You Save

No upfront costs with our exclusive  Pay As You Save scheme

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Why Choose Greenvision for your LED Makeover?

tick   Our energy specialists will happily guide you through all your questions and concerns. No commitments, no pressure
tick   While we guide you through which LED is best for you, we’ll also provide supplementary energy saving consultancy
tick   We’ll fit all your new LED bulbs for you at no extra cost
tick   We also offer a complimentary 12-month warranty for every bulb we sell
tick   Our Pay As You Save scheme will absorb the upfront cost