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Radiator Booster

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Radiator Booster

Heat your home faster and more efficiently without a permanent installation. Product code: 6440100 

Improves radiator convection

30p yearly running cost

99% recyclable

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Radiator Booster

This simple, lightweight radiator booster helps rooms heat faster and reduces the heat lost through walls, all for a running cost of just 30p a year. The ingenious device uses a small fan to improve the convention currents in your home, improving energy efficiency without need for a permanent installation.

How does the Radiator Booster work?

Placed on top of your existing water-filled radiator, the Radiator Booster uses its small fan to improve convection currents, gently distributing heat throughout your room faster and more efficiently than a radiator alone. Through helping your room to reach its optimum temperature more quickly, the Radiator Booster allows your boiler to shut down sooner. Since the average central heating boiler uses around 15kW of energy every hour, ensuring the heating system turns off as soon as possible means the Radiator Booster can improve your energy efficiency and cut your heating bill.

Many standard water-filled radiators unnecessarily waste heat through the back surface of radiators radiating heat onto the adjacent wall, allowing heat to escape into the wall and outside via conduction. The Radiator Booster combats this energy wastage by drawing the escaping heat up from behind the radiator and propelling it into your room, so reducing heat lost and making sure the heat you put into your radiator is being used in an efficient and desirable way.

The Radiator Booster is also thermostatically controlled to ensure maximum energy efficiency; by only activating when radiators get hot and turning off as the radiator cools, the Radiator Booster always functions when it can significantly improve the convection currents of your room while keeping running costs to just 30p a year! The Radiator Booster will show you when it is inactive with its red LED standby light. Though it is recommended to turn off the Radiator Booster when not needed to further the life of the device, the Radiator Booster’s standby light uses less than 0.15W per hour to run, equating to less than 2p per month if constantly active.

Will I be able to hear the Radiator Booster working?

Like any fan, the small fan in the Radiator Booster will make an audible humming noise. Though the sound of the fan can vary depending on usage, the fan used in the Radiator Booster is similar to those used in home computers and is of a similar volume. When compared with the noisy electric fan heaters many use to warm their home during the winter months, the Radiator Booster is considerably quieter and often unnoticeable after being in the room for a few minutes.

What are the benefits of the Radiator Booster?

Heats rooms faster by improving convection currents

Allows boiler systems to shut down sooner, reducing energy bills

Minimises heat lost through walls

Thermostatically controlled – only active when necessary

30p per year running costs

99% recyclable

No permanent installation

CE certified

Where and how do I use a Radiator Booster?

Radiator Boosters function simply by being placed on top of a water-filled radiator as close to the wall and centralised as much as possible before being plugged into a power socket. Each Radiator Booster comes with a 1.8 metre power cord, which should be long enough for most domestic situations.

Unfortunately, oil filled, electric storage, and electric convection radiators reach temperatures that are far too high for the Radiator Booster to function, causing the device to warp and cease to function. However, the Radiator Booster is ideal for all sizes of water-filled radiator, functioning for radiators as small as 400mm (16 inches) long and as large as 1.5 metres (5 feet) long. You might want to think about using two Radiator Boosters for radiators longer than 1.5 metres, but the Radiator Booster will still work efficiently if only one is used. Radiator Boosters can even be used for radiators with radiator covers – just place the Radiator Booster under the radiator cover and allow it to help disperse trapped heat into your room. Radiator Boosters should not be used in any damp or humid environments such as a bathroom, sauna or outbuilding.

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SKU 6440100
Power 230V
dimensions 6 x 61 x 6 cm
Weight 349 g