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Radfan Classic

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The Radfan Classic is a radiator-mounted fan that gets hot air flowing around the whole room, so you don't have to crowd around the radiator to feel warm.

How does the Radfan Classic work?

The biggest issue with standard radiators is that heat from them mostly rises to the ceiling, with minimal heat actually spreading around the room. The Radfan series is designed to counteract this: by simply having one situated on a radiator, the fans pump the air into the open space instead of straight up, maximising the amount of heat that can be felt throughout the room. With a running cost of approximately £2 per year, the Radfan Classic is more than worth it as you can turn down your radiators and still experience a greater warmth than you would have normally, so your heating bills will be significantly reduced. The Classic is the smallest in the range, meaning it can fit on radiators of any size with no installation required beyond plugging it into the mains.

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