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Our EcoShop allows you to buy a wide range of energy saving products including LED lighting, Electrical Heating and Water Saving Devices. We offer great pricing on products from all the leading brands with next day delivery, extended guarantees and installation available if required. If you are unsure which product is best suited to your requirements, just call our friendly expert team on 0115 854 7498 for advice and guidance.

  • Electric Heating

    black electric radiator delta

    Improve your carbon footprint while cutting your heating bills by up to 30%! Whether for a domestic or commercial property, we’ll offer expert advice on which of our low energy consumption, tried and tested products is your ideal heating solution.


  • Water Cylinders

    water cylinders

    Did you know that your water bill can account for up to 40% of your overall heating bill? Minimise this cost with a modern low energy consumption hot water cylinder. This state-of-the-art technology uses industry standard thermostats and timers to automatically take advantage of cheap rate electricity, saving you even more money.

  • Water Saving

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    Get the most out of your water, and save money on your water bills with our range of easy to install, eco water-saving products.




  • Lighting

    large open school room

    With LED lighting using around 90% less electricity than halogen or incandescent lighting and often lasting up to 20 years, there’s never been a better time to switch to LED. Start saving money with our Which? Best Buy award winning light.


  • Hand Dryers

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    Reduce your energy bills with our fast, energy-efficient and hygienic hand dryers. You could save thousands of pounds a year on energy bills, and there's no need to buy expensive paper towels.



  • Home Automation

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    We offer a full range of ‘smart’ products that can automatically switch on and off at pre-set times and temperatures or even ‘think’ for themselves to save energy whilst maintaining ideal conditions in your home or office. All our home automation products can be controlled via remote or on the go with your mobile.

  • Heating Controls


    Turning your thermostat down by just one degree could save you up to 8% on your heating bill. All of our systems are simple to install and set up, so be in total control of your environment and significantly lower your energy bills with easy to use, tried and tested intelligent heating controls.

  • Special Offers

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    Check out Greenvision Energy’s special offers below. We regularly update this page so please read before you buy. Or sign up to our newsletter where you will find our special offers and great ways on how to save energy.