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Osily 1000 Watts OSDR1000 Ceramic Core White Electric Radiator Digital Programmable Thermostat

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Osily Ceramic Core Electric Radiator with Digital Programable Thermostat. Part No: OSER1000WD

1000 Watts

Elements 6

W 595mm x H 570mm x D 95mm

osily radiator

Cast Aluminium Body

By using cast aluminium for the body of our radiators we can ensure heat is distributed evenly across the entire radiator unit. Aluminium is widely used for dissipating heat quickly and efficiently whilst being light and strong. These qualities are why high grade cars often have aluminium engines while cheaper cars still use steel. Aluminium is also very good at resisting oxidation, meaning there is no risk of discolouring while in your home.

Ceramic Core

Ceramic is used in many high quality heaters due to its many thermal qualities such as its high heat transference, which means that while emitting heat the ceramic can also retain a core temperature. This ensures uniform heat, even after long periods of use.

Dual Heating Elements

Our twin heating elements are installed at equal distances directly into the ceramic core, which in turn is directly attached to the aluminium body of the radiator. This means from the moment heat is required the maximum surface area is creating heat to warm your room as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Digital Control Unit

The electronic control unit is the brain of your radiator. You can control the desired heat for each 30 minute segment of every day. You have complete control of how your radiator works and as such you can make sure it works well for you. You can compose your own heating programme to perfectly match you routines. It also allows on the fly adjustments, if you don't want to use your programmed temperature.

Once your room reaches the desired temperature, the radiator will automatically switch from heating to maintaining the temperature. Only a small percentage of the energy required to heat a room will be used to maintain the temperature. As such the radiator will draw only a small percentage of its energy capacity, saving you money on your heating bills.

Accurate Thermostat

Measuring the room temperature and responding to it’s changes is the most important task for your heating. As such, an accurate thermostat or thermistor is one of the most important components within the radiator. Our thermostat is accurate to 0.1 degree centigrade - with this level of accuracy linked directly to the digital control unit, the radiator will respond to temperature changes quickly, optimising the consumption of electricity and minimising over- and under-heating.

To help you get the most out of your radiator, we have designed some smart control features into each radiator. Should you open a window while the radiator is in operation, your radiator will detect this sudden drop in temperature and temporarily stop the heating. Additional functions such as holiday functions to allow a gap in your programme while your home is not occupied, temporary cancellation function should you unexpectedly leave, and many others. By making our smart controls work around you, you can ensure maximum efficiency from our heaters.

Soft-Touch Buttons

Programming and using many appliances can be difficult, especially when you’re unsure if the button pressed was registered by the device. With our soft touch buttons, you can always be sure your input was accepted.

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More Information
Number Of Elements 6 Elements
Manufacturer Osily
Heat Source Dry Stone
Body Colour White
Product Name Rointe Kyros
depth 95mm
height 570mm
Power 1000 Watts
width 595mm
Wi-Fi Yes
Warranty 10 Years
Weight 15.6kg
IP Rating IP24
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