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Energy efficient Measures for Nurseries

With funding cuts affecting nurseries across the UK every day, it is more important than ever that nursery owners find ways to minimise their day-to-day running costs – all without sacrificing on the high quality of care that they offer our children. From experience, we know that all it takes for nurseries to downsize their energy bills and boost their profit margins is a handful of simple energy saving measures. Greenvision excels at making this process as easy and simple as possible: we work hard to make sure that every install causes as little disruption to business as possible.

As an official Green Deal provider, we are fully authorised to equip your business with government funded energy saving measures. Alongside this, our Pay As You Save scheme can outfit your nursery with a range of energy saving measures with no upfront costs. We encourage you to contact our energy saving specialists to find out how your journey toward sustainability begins.

  • Solar logoFree Government Funded Solar PV

    solar pv roof image

        Earn supplementary income for all the electricity you generate
        Improve the asset value of your property & the public image of your nursery
        Teach your pupils about the environment & the importance of eco-friendly measures


  • LED logoEnergy Saving LED Lighting

    LED lighting for care homes

        LEDs only require replacing every 15 years & use 90% less energy than standard bulbs
        Eco-friendly lighting raises your EPC rating & makes you eligible for profitable tax incentives
        Our Pay As You Save instalment scheme will ensure that no upfront payment is required


  • heating iconEnergy Efficient Heating Solutions

    Radiator in green room

        Rointe radiators are ideal for nurseries
        The radiator’s super-efficient heating technology can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%
        Rointe heaters bring safety and comfort together to make your nursery a happy, welcoming environment