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Nest Protect

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The smoke and CO alarm that differentiates between burnt toast and fire. Product code: S2003BW  

Split-Spectrum particle detection

10 year Carbon Monoxide sensor

Accurate and immediate phone alerts

Nest Protect

Isn’t it time your smoke alarm did more than tell you your toast is burning? Equipped with industrial-grade sensors, the Nest Protect ‘smart’ smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm is able to assess levels of threat, differentiating between burning toast, a hot shower and a house fire. The Nest Protect even tests itself over 400 times a day so you can always be sure you’re protected in your home.

How does the Nest Protect keep me safe?

The Nest Protect uses a wide range of industrial grade and sector-defining sensors to make sure your home is always monitored and safe. Nest’s ‘smart’ home protection monitor is the first smoke alarm to use dual-wavelength infrared particle detection and includes the most accurate type of Carbon Monoxide sensor currently available.

Protection from fires
The foam and particle board used in much of today’s furniture allows fires to burn much faster than they did even twenty years ago. That’s why Nest Protect is designed to look for all types of fires and to give you as much warning as possible when a fire starts in your home.

Most standard smoke alarms use either ionisation or photoelectric technology. Whereas ionisation alarms look for radiation to detect fast-burning fires and photoelectric alarms look for smouldering fires, the Nest Protect’s Split-Spectrum sensor looks for both. The Nest Protect uses a 450nm infrared wavelength to detect the tiny particles caused by fast fires and a 880nm wavelength to look for larger particles caused by smouldering fires. By using two different wavelengths of light to differentiate between the smoke of fast burning and smouldering fires, the Nest Protect will build a clear and accurate picture of what’s going on in your home, allowing the ‘smart’ sensor to tell the difference between toast burning and a fast-spreading fire. The Nest Protect is the first smoke alarm to use this dual-wavelength technology.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide
The Nest Protect also combines the most accurate type of Carbon Monoxide sensor currently available with Nest’s improved Carbon Monoxide sensing algorithm to detect even the lowest levels of the poisonous gas. Since you can’t see or smell Carbon Monoxide, many people can be unaware of the danger they’re constantly living in. With its immediate Carbon Monoxide alerts, Nest Protect makes you aware of increasing levels of Carbon Monoxide before it becomes a problem. Nest also noticed that most Carbon Monoxide alarms expire after seven years, so they designed a new electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensor that lasts up to a decade.

If the Nest Protect ever does notice a problem in your home, your ‘smart’ alarm will immediately send you a phone notification telling you what the problem is and where in your home it’s happening. Everyone in the family can now have an account on the Nest App, and your Nest Protect will send everyone an alert notification about the problem in case no-one’s home.

Depending on the level of threat, your Nest Protect will also give you a ‘heads up’ – an early problem warning – in its friendly human voice or emit an emergency alarm. If you have multiple Nest Protects, they will all speak as one when there’s danger in the home so that everyone can get to safety. That means that someone in the furthest away bedroom will find out that there’s smoke in the kitchen at the same time as everyone else. Using Nest’s wireless interconnect technology, your Nest Protects will still speak together even if your WiFi is down – complete protection around the clock.

When Nest Protect emits an alarm, you can choose how to deal with the threat in person or via the mobile Nest App from anywhere in the world. Since Nest uses such advanced fire and smoke detection technology, your Nest Protect can differentiate between low and high levels of threat, and send you a ‘heads up’ or emergency alert accordingly. All smoke and Carbon Monoxide ‘heads up’ can be silenced with one touch of the App or by pressing the Nest button on the Protect’s casing, as can the emergency alarm for Carbon Monoxide. The emergency alarm for smoke can also be silenced unless smoke levels are too high – an industry requirement.

The Nest Protect isn’t just to tell you when there’s a problem, but also to help you before, during and after a crisis. The Nest App includes a ‘What To Do’ guide to teach your family what procedures to take in an emergency. This guide will also pop up in the Nest App when your Nest protect emits an emergency alert. You can even enter an emergency contact into the App so that everything you could possibly need is at your fingertips in event of a disaster.

How do I know it’s a real emergency?

TNest knows that there’s nothing worse than a false alarm. That’s why Nest Protect takes every precaution to ensure it only alerts you in an actual emergency. Nest Protect is the only smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm with ‘Steam Check’: custom algorithms and a highly sensitive humidity sensor that allow the ‘smart’ alarm to differentiate between steam from a hot shower and smoke, reducing false alarms from steam by 50%.

To further reduce false alarms, the Nest Protect’s Split-Spectrum infrared particle sensor is also shielded against outside light, etched to protect against dust and encased in a stainless steel screen. Its unique hexagonal casing pattern is also designed to let smoke in while acting as barrier against bugs and rogue fibres. These features ensure that your Nest Protect is always functioning to its maximum capacity so you know any emergency alert is the real thing.>

How do I know the Nest Protect is working?

Did you know that nine out of ten people don’t test their smoke alarms as often as they should*?

The Nest Protect makes this worrisome hassle history. Automatically testing its sensors and batteries over 400 times a day and with up to 10 years battery life, you can always be sure that your Nest Protect is fully functional. Nest Protects constantly monitor their battery life and will send you a notification on your phone as soon they’re running low. That means no more annoying chirps in the middle of the night and no more trying to find the one alarm that’s running low – Nest will tell you everything you need to know on the simple Nest App.

*Figure from the National Fire Protection Agency

Sound Check
The Nest Protect also automatically tests its speaker and horn once a month. In this ‘Sound Check’, every Nest Protect in your home will simultaneously emit a quiet example sound which the Nest Protect’s microphone will then listen to and analyse. To maximise your privacy, this recording is then immediately deleted. You will then receive a full report on the Nest App, highlighting any problems in your Nest Protect system. The entire process takes less than five seconds.

In order to minimise any inconvenience this Sound Check causes, you can set a preferred time range during which you would like the test to take place, such as when you’re at work. You can also set the App to send you a notification five minutes before the check begins with the option to postpone the check if the timing’s inconvenient. If you do choose to delay the Sound Check, Nest Protect will just try again in a month, but you can always choose to run the test manually through the simple Nest App.

With most standard smoke alarms, you have no idea if and how well the alarm’s working. The Nest Protect makes sure you’re always in the know; after the test, you will receive a full and comprehensive report on the Nest App that tells you how everything’s running and if there’s any problems that need looking at. You can also look at your Nest Protect runs in the long term with the Nest App’s continual 10 day safety history and the monthly home report. This monthly report also gives you tips on how to stay protected from fires and Carbon Monoxide leaks in your home so that you can actively make you home safer.

Nightly Promise
When you turn your lights off for the night, the Nest Protect’s coloured light ring will briefly glow green. This is the Nest Protect ‘Nightly Promise’ and it means that all your Nest Protects have tested themselves and are fully functional so that you can feel safe while you sleep.

The Nest Protect has been certified to comply with British and European safety standards by the British Standards Institution. Nest Protect has also been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., the California State Fire Marshal and the Canadian Standards Association, so you can be sure that the Nest Protect does everything it says it does and is keeping you safe.

What will the Nest Protect look like in my home?

The Nest Protect can be wired into your home or run on batteries, so you can choose exactly where to put your new ‘smart’ smoke and Carbon Monoxide sensor. Since placement isn’t a problem, you just have to choose whether to have the Nest Protect in white or black.

The Nest Protect communicates with you through its coloured light ring as well as with its friendly voice alerts. Your ‘smart’ home protection alarm can glow either green, yellow, red or emit a faint glow, like a dimmed bulb.

What does the colour of my Nest Protect mean?

design The Nest Protect will glow green for a few seconds every night when you turn your lights off. This light is the Nest Protect showing you its ‘Nightly Promise’. That means all your ‘smart’ alarms have tested their sensors and batteries and everything is as it should be.

design The colour of the Nest Protect’s ‘Heads Up’. This means that there’s a minor problem in your home, such as low levels of smoke or Carbon Monoxide, and you should take a look. This can be switched off using the Nest App or by pushing the button on the Protect’s casing.

design The colour of the Nest Protect’s ‘Emergency alarm’ for high levels of smoke or Carbon Monoxide. This alarm can also be silenced using the Nest App unless the danger levels are too high. This is also when the Nest App will automatically display its ‘What To Do’ guide.

design This is the Nest Protect’s ‘Pathlight’: a helpful, motion-activated light to help you find your way around the house at night. The ‘Pathlight’ turns on when it senses you moving about the house so that you don’t trip coming up the stairs. You can turn off or adjust the brightness of your Pathlight in the Nest App.

Compatibility with other ‘smart’ products

All Nest devices are designed to be fully compatible with other ‘smart’ products as part of a fully automated home. The Nest Thermostat and Nest Indoor Cam were created with this specifically in mind and can be used in conjunction with the Nest Protect to make your home warmer, safer and more energy efficient without any user programming. With one App for all your Nest products, you can see everything happening in your house, whether at home or on the go.

When installed, the Nest Indoor Cam will immediately sync itself to your Nest Protect. If your ‘smart’ smoke alarm senses smoke, the Nest Indoor Cam will automatically switch on and record what happens in your home, even if you’re not subscribed to Nest Aware. Take a look at the other features of the Nest Indoor Cam.

If the Nest Protect senses anything that could endanger your home, such as smoke or carbon monoxide, it will tell your Nest Smart Thermostat to automatically switch off your heating system to prevent it help spread the fumes. Nest Protect can also use the Nest Thermostat’s geofencing feature to know when the family is away from home, only testing ‘Sound Check’ when it won’t be disruptive to your life. Take a look at the other features of the Smart Thermostat.

You can also easily integrate all your Nest technology with hundreds of other ‘smart’ products – just look for the ‘Works with Nest’ logo. From lightbulbs to watches to radiator valves, these products don’t need to be programmed or adjusted because an automated home learns from you every day. Why not have a look at our wide range of Nest-compatible Home Automation products?

What are the benefits of the Nest Protect?

Industrial-grade smoke and Carbon Monoxide sensor

Self-testing over 400 times a day

Monthly home report

Split-Spectrum dual-wavelength infrared particle detection to differentiate between fast and slow burning fires

Most accurate type of Carbon Monoxide sensor currently available

New 10 year electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensor

Accurate and immediate phone alerts

Assesses level of threat

Family App Accounts

Wireless interconnect – Nest Protect synchronisation, even if the WiFi’s down

Included ‘What To Do’ guide

‘Steam Check’ and advanced sensor protection to reduce false alarms

Can be wired or run on batteries

Informative coloured light ring

Easy Installation

Sleek design

Easily integrated into the rest of your Nest Home and compatible with hundreds of other ‘smart’ products

2 year guarantee

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