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Smart Meter Information

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Greenvision Energy has a range of smart meters and monitoring equipment to help you monitor and evaluate new technologies for energy efficiency, temperature and humidity, and much more. The data can be accessed remotely in real time and alert you if the equipment you are monitoring stops working. This is very useful if you have installed solar PV and want to keep track on how well it's performing for your Feed-In-tariff payments. Our meters even monitor CO2, which means they can tell if rooms are occupied. 

They are Ofgem and MID-approved and 45,000+ have been installed across the UK and Europe. A single communications network based on GPRS and 433Mhz technology is used, meaning you can receive a signal from even remote locations and still get that important data.

Sub metering solutions are also available, tailored specifically to your organisation’s requirements for monitoring electricity, gas and water. If you are looking at district heating schemes and want itemised, bespoke bills for your tenants, we have software that can produce automated bills. Our energy monitors can help you plan your energy strategy, look at ways to help your tenants reduce their energy bills and encourage behavioural changes. Whatever your requirements, we have a solution.

We also offer a Tariff and Benefits Services (TABS). Click here for more information about TABS. We check to see if your tenants are on the best tariff for their heating systems and we ensure they are receiving all their benefit entitlements, including Warm Home Discount and Affordable Warmth Payment, saving them £100s per year.

For a free trial of smart meters or TABS call 0115 854 7498 or email

Benefits of Greenvision Energy’s smart meters to housing associations

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Benefits of Greenvision Energy’s smart meters to tenants

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Why choose Greenvision Energy?

Our number one objective is to save you money and reduce your tenants' energy bills by applying for funding on your behalf and recommending energy solutions that give you the best return on your investment.

We offer a one-stop shop: survey, funding, tariff switching and benefit checks, installation, education, training and procurement of products through our buying department. We subscribe to a multi-measured approach to reduce energy consumption and fuel poverty. A good example is our project called "Health and Innovation" for Nottingham Community Housing Association. Here, we have installed several energy efficient technologies resulting in their housing stock's EPC ratings increasing from E to C and tenants' bills reducing by £350 per year. (Click here for more information)


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