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Letting Agents Can Increase Their Profits by Embracing Green Energy

At Greenvision, we believe that Green Energy solutions should be a fundamental goal of any profit minded letting agency. Not only will eco-friendly measures create supplementary revenue streams, but they can also stand to significantly strengthen relationships between letting agents, landlords and tenants. Most importantly, as of April 2018, a property with an energy performance rating (EPC) below an E will be illegal to rent out. Letting agents who fail to meet this this basic standard of energy efficiency will be fined up to £4000.

As an accredited Green Deal provider, Greenvision is fully authorised to fit qualifying properties with government funded energy efficient measures. We can assure that every property we work with will surpass this basic EPC requirement, at as little cost to you as possible. Our Energy Saving Specialists are happy to offer you all the expert advice you require on the road to eco-savings. To make things even better, we also provide letting agents with a huge number of additional cashflow and business incentives along the way.

  • Storage Heater Upgrades With VCharge

    vcharge box couple

        A 100% funded storage heater upgrade: receive a referral fee for every installation opportunity you send our way
        Make your clients happy by significantly reducing their heating bills
        Raise the value of your properties by improving their EPC ratings

  • Improve Your EPC With Affordable Warmth

    quantum heater

        Boost your landlords' EPC ratings & renting value
        27% cheaper to run than conventional storage heaters
        Market leading radiators will improve the health & comfort of your residents
        Buy from us & receive an additional 3-year warranty

  • Tariff Switching & Benefit Service

    black electric radiator for care homes

        Use our online calculator to see how much your tenants are overpaying for their energy bills
        We offer a referral fee for every tariff switch you facilitate
        A 15-minute phone call will save your tenants up to £200 a year


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