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Increase Your Profit Margins with Simple, Energy Efficient Solutions for the Hospitality Sector

Greenvision Energy specialise in working with restaurants and hotels across the UK to help them downsize their energy bills and maximise profit margins. We offer a range of eco-friendly services and products which will make powering your business more cost effective than ever before. With heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, cooking, conventional lighting, and electronics all exacting a huge drain every day, a handful of energy saving measures can be enough to cut your energy bills by as much as 30%.

As a one-stop-shop for all things energy-efficiency related, we offer a comprehensive range of services and pride ourselves on making the advice, supply, install and monitoring process quick, simple, and painless. We handle every step of the process – meaning that we can work with you to guarantee that every energy-efficient measure we implement will not cause any significant disruption to your business.

  • Efficient Heating Solutions For Your Business

    black electric radiator delta

        Our super-efficient electric radiators can cut your heating costs by as much as 35%
        All our WIFI enabled heating units can be fully customised & individually controlled from anywhere in the world
        Save thousands by automating your smart heating systems to turn off whenever guests open windows or vacate rooms

  • Use up to 90% Less Energy with our LEDs

    Hotel Bar LEDs

        Receive tax breaks for undertaking eco-friendly measures
        Lasting up to 20 years, LEDs will significantly minimise maintenance hassle
        Our Pay As You Save scheme will spread upfront costs up to over 12-months


  • 100% Funded Solar PV Installation

    solar pv roof image

        Generate your own energy & receive government subsidies for all the electricity you generate
        Raise your Energy Performance Certificate rating
        Quick, easy install with our trusted supply network, no upfront cost

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