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Honeywell EvoHome

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Honeywell EvoHome allows independent automatic temperature control of up to eight heating zones and one hot water zone.

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What is the Honeywell EvoHome?

EvoHome is a wireless multi zoning system centred on the evotouch eight zone controller. It allows independent automatic temperature control of up to eight heating zones and one hot water zone.

Honeywell EvoHome contains four HR80UK wireless radiator thermostats.

The HR80UK provides individual radiator control with multi point boiler interlock in heating systems where zoning is required. It can be fitted easily to any conventional radiator valve.

The associated controller (eg evotouch or CM927) provides the setpoint via the wireless connection. The internal sensor of the HR80UK measures the local air temperature, compares this with the setpoint and adjusts the valve until the desired temperature is attained.

How does it work?

If the HR80UK detects a sudden drop in temperature (ie if a window or door is opened) then the valve will be moved to a closed position to save energy. Normal operation will be resumed automatically once the window or door is closed.

The HR80UK can be manually adjusted to temporarily override the set temperature from the controller. This will create a demand and fire the boiler, until the next switching time at the controller.

Multi zoning

Zoning distributes heat more intelligently and economically than heating everything on a single zone. It’s like having a light switch in every room instead of a single switch that lights the whole house.

A multi zoning system will control the occu- pied areas of your home at a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature. This gives you maximum comfort combined with maximum energy saving.

evotouch enables each zone to be controlled according to a programme, using up to 6 temperature settings a day. It saves energy by synchronising the demand for these zones to ensure the boiler only fires the minimum length of time.

Energy efficiency

84% of domestic energy is used for heating and hot water. Much of it is either wasted or used inefficiently. Installing an EvoHome multi zoning system will reduce waste, reduce demand and use fuel more sparingly.

Wireless control

The biggest barrier to changing a heating system is the fact that what is installed already usually dictates what is achievable now. With wireless controls, this restriction is removed making it much easier to improve the efficiency of a heating system.

EvoHome allows you to control an unlimited number of radiator

thermostats wirelessly, so your zones don’t need to be determined by the existing pipework layout.

Wireless radiator thermostat

Should you open your window when the heating is on, EvoHome will understand and shut down the heating until you close it again.


Ideal for any domestic or small commercial property that requires zoning. EvoHome is suitable for both radiator and underfloor heating. It is compatible with standard or combi boilers using on/off or volt free control. Suitable for new and existing systems.

For larger domestic or commercial properties (doctor surgeries, offices, schools etc.), link up to four evotouches together to control up to 32 zones.


EvoHome is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Products are pre-bound and allow wireless signal strength and binding tests.

Award winning design

Winner of the reddot design award 2010. Thanks to its modern looks and compact size it fits in discreetly in any surrounding. evotouch is available in a desktop or wall-mounted version, in polished black, aluminum grey or brilliant white.

Why buy from Greenvision Energy?

We are Green Deal Providers and specialise in cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by installing energy efficient measures to homeowners, tenants, commercial clients and trade partners. Our aim has always been to offer comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service. We pride ourselves on our levels of service and our number one objective is to save customers money!

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