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1 Domestic Energy Efficiency Regulations for Landlords

From April 2016 all tenants in privately rented accommodation may request that the landlord improve the energy efficiency of their property, and if your property is below an E rating on your EPC you will have to carry these improvements out unless you have a good reason not to do so. You could be forced to pay a penalty notice if you do not comply.

From April 2018 it will be illegal to privately rent out properties that fall below an E rating on their EPC. This is around 10% of all privately rented properties in the UK at present.

There are many ways to help increase your SAP and EPC ratings, and primarily you need to look at insulation and heating measures which are the most effective improvements.

2 Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Regulations for Landlords

From 1 October 2015 landlords MUST have a working smoke alarm on every storey, and a working carbon monoxide (CO) detector in every room with a solid fuel burning device.

There is a penalty of up to £5,000 if you do not comply with the above.