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Energy Saving Advice

Everyone wants to cut down on costs...

Most people don't realise that reducing their energy bills by hundreds of pounds a year could be just a five minute call away.

Not thinking about energy efficiency could be the most expensive mistake you make all year. Many people worry that improving the energy efficiency of their home requires intense building or electrical work, or that energy efficiency measures are a 'long term' investment with large upfront costs and a long return on investment. This could not be further from the truth; energy efficient technology has left forwards in the past years, with many measures not requiring professional installation and having exceptionally quick returns on investment due to their immense energy saving properties. For example, advanced LEDs can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%, and with our 'Pay As You Save' scheme, there are no large upfront costs.

At Greenvision Energy, we understand that the world of energy efficiency may seem a little daunting at first. That's why we created 'Greenvision's Top 5 Energy Saving Tips'. Can’t find the answer to your question? We are always available to give free and impartial advice on any of your energy efficiency questions and queries. Contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via

Greenvision's Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

Number 1:

Make sure you're on the right tariff

Fuel Poverty

More than 50% of the UK population pay too much for their energy bills without realising that hundreds of pounds of savings could be just a five minute phone call away. Switching tariffs is simple, painless and quick to do. We’ve saved customers over £200 a year in just 15 minutes by contacting their existing energy provider and moving them from a standard tariff to a fixed rate tariff. If we offered you £200 for a 15 minute call, we know you’d take it!

You can also save money by replacing your pre-payment meter with a standard one. For some people, a pre-paid meter can be good, like for those who don’t have access to a bank account and email address, or for people who like to budget strictly. However, by having a pre-payment meter, you could be paying up to 15% more for your electricity. This is because pre-payment meters normally only give you access to one tariff, and they charge a premium for electricity used. As long as you don’t have any debt on the meter, replacing your pre-payment meter to a standard one is usually at no cost. Once this simple change has been made, you’ll be able to access all tariffs and start saving money!

Check out our Domestic Tariff Switching Guide for answers to every possible tariff-related question, including our Top 3 Tariff Switching tips as well as advice on receiving fuel benefits, information about understanding different tariffs and a guide on how to read your energy bill.


Number 2:

Check you're receiving all the benefits you're entitled to

Making sure you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to can drastically reduce your energy bill. These financial aids can vary from one-off payments to help with heating bills to complete funding for the installation of energy-saving home improvement measures. We can also advise on how to maximise your budget by combining our funding and finance packages so that you can install more than one measure to reduce your home energy and water costs.

The benefits outlined below are the ones most applicable to heating, but there are many other schemes that offer financial benefits and savings related to energy saving and energy efficiency measures. Take a look at our Money Advice and Funding pages for more information on all currently available funding.


Warm Home

A one-off £140 discount on energy bills for winter 2016-17.
Find out more

Winter Fuel

£100 - £300 tax-free payment to those born before May 1953.
Find out more

Affordable Warmth

Grants for energy-saving improvements to your home.
Find out more

Priority Service

Extra help and support with your energy supply.
Find out more


Number 3:

Look at simple, cost-effective energy saving measures

Simple changes to your lifestyle can significantly reduce your energy bill. If you don't want to change your habits, there are many one-step, cost effective energy and water saving measures that cut bills without any hassle. We've compiled a list of the most simple steps to reduce your lighting, heating, water and power costs. Want more advice on energy efficiency or are looking for more drastic energy efficiency measures? Contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via for free and impartial advice.


tickReduce your thermostat by just 1°C – it can save you up to 8% on your heating bill!

tickSeal those gaps up – you’d be surprised how much heat can escape your home from those little holes and cracks. Draught excluders under doors and around windows are a very effective way of keeping this heat inside.

tickGet to know your heating controls – many heating thermostats and programmers can be a little confusing but learning how to use them efficiently can help you keep in control of your heating and energy usage.

If you’re struggling with your thermostat or your heating systems has inflexible heating controls, why not take a look at ‘smart’ heating controls? User-friendly smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat learn your schedule and heat your home when you need it without user input. Don’t want to make any physical changes to your property? Wi-Fi controlled radiator valves may be the answer.

Think seasonal – we all expect winter to be on the chilly side, so leave the shorts and T-shirts for summer and put on some warm clothing and slippers instead! Shut the windows to keep heat in on the cold nights, and close those doors after you.


tickTurn off your lights – don’t leave all your lights on when you don’t need to. Get into the habit of turning them off when not in use and when going to bed at night. Hallways, bathrooms and kitchen lights are the worst culprits!

tickIf you keep forgetting to turn your lights off, why not look at Home Automation? Get your lighting to turn off automatically when you leave the house and control all your household heating, lighting and appliances from your mobile anywhere in the world.

Switch to LED – LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs without compromising on light output. They also last much longer than old bulbs – up to 50,000 hours! That means reduced maintenance and replacement costs, as well as energy savings.


tickWe each use 8 litres of water per minute in the shower. It’s worth thinking about reducing the length of your showers by one minute each time, but if that’s not possible, take a look at our range of water-saving shower heads: aerated showerheads reduce water consumption by up to 60% while actually strengthening water pressure.

tickAlmost 30% of the total water used by UK homes is flushed away down the toilet. ‘Dual flush’ toilets typically save 7 to 9 litres of water per flush, while non-permanent measures like Cistern Displacement Devices can save homes 5000 litres of water per year.


Turn off those white goods – do you need the dryer on when it’s a sunny day outside? Are you using eco settings on your washing machine? Your kitchen can use a huge amount of energy to cook, wash, and dry. Try putting less water in your kettle, less water in your pans and use a bowl for your washing up.

tickDon’t press that standby button – despite what many people believe, it does not cost less to leave an appliance on standby than it does to switch on and off again. Turn the telly off at the wall when you go to bed, turn those tablets and PCs off when not in use and unplug your mobile devices once they are fully charged. No electricity consumption means no electricity cost!

Be Eco 7 savvy – if you are on Economy 7 tariff, you are getting cheaper electricity at night time. Put the washing on before you go to bed, charge appliances overnight and unplug in the daytime. The difference between the day and night energy costs are pretty big, so use this to your advantage. Think about a ‘smart’ storage heater like the Dimplex Quantum to take full advantage of Economy 7.


Number 4:

Be proactive with energy reduction

Many people are complacent with their energy bills, believing that what they're given is what they are always going to have to pay. With just a few proactive steps, you can reduce your bills for years to come.

LightbulbInsulate your property – The majority of heat lost escapes from your walls and roof. Ensure your loft insulation is topped up to at least 270mm (10 inches) throughout. Look at getting your walls insulated, either cavity filled or externally/internally insulated. Check out our funding page to look at government and well as Greenvision financial benefits and aids to help you insulate your property.

LightbulbDraught-proof your home – there are many products on the market to help you seal the gaps around your windows and doors. It’s also worth investing in good quality curtains and blinds to keep the heat in. The upfront cost of replacing old windows and doors with double or triple glazed units may be daunting, but it is worthwhile investment that could significantly reduce your heating bill in the long-term.

LightbulbReplace your old boiler – advanced, modern models of boilers on the market are far superior to the older models in terms of energy efficiency and return on investment and could save you huge amounts of money over just a 12 month period, and for years after. It might also be worth looking at our Hot Water Cylinder and tariff switching guides – just a five minute call can save you hundreds of pounds a year!

LightbulbImprove your heating controls – place accurate thermostats in the correct places, not under open windows or next to external doors. Install a good quality programmer to implement heating plans and zones throughout your home. It may be worth looking at smart heating controls which learn your heating preferences as well as your routine, only heating your home when needed.

LightbulbLook at renewable energy – Solar PV systems and Biomass Boilers can actually make you money for the electricity that is produced. There are many different suppliers offering feed in tariffs and renewable heat incentives. Why not have a look at our funding page to see how you can make installing renewable technologies affordable and the most cost effective?


Number 5:

Deal with damp and condensation

Damp walls and rotting windows are problems that over 10 million British families face everyday. Removing damp is often a long and expensive process, so catch damp early and prevent condensation in your home with our short list of what to do and what to avoid.



Dry your washing outside wherever possible.


Wipe away any damp or mould with a fungicidal cleaner. Catching it early will prevent large problems in the long-run!


Open your windows for at least 10 minutes every day to let air circulate round the house. It will also help you feel more fresh and less groggy!


Switch on kitchen extractor fans if available.


Try to take shorter showers.


Block your air bricks or air vents – keep the air moving.

Leave your kitchen door open whilst cooking – close the door and also remember to open the windows.

Put the hot water in first – run the cold and then add the hot to the bath

Place furniture right against outside walls – try to leave a slight gap.

Dry clothes on radiators – hang clothes outside on sunny days. If not possible, use a clothes horse or a tumble dryer.


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We are an accredited Green Deal provider, authorised by the Government to provide funding and installation for energy efficient measures. Our team of dedicated energy efficiency professionals are experts in energy saving products and services to reduce your bills while increasing comfort. Why wait when you could be saving money?



Why Greenvision Energy?

Energy Efficiency

Greenvision Energy are experts in energy efficiency and our number one objective is to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. We have been installing and advising on energy efficient measures for over half a decade. With our dedicated team of energy efficiency experts, you can be sure that our professional and impartial advice is honest and reliable, whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, or one of our commercial clients. We subscribe to the ‘whole house’ approach of energy efficiency and can offer advice and services related to all areas of energy usage including hot water cylinders, LED lighting and energy-saving heating systems. Our aim has always been to offer comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service. We’re also an accredited Green Deal approved provider, authorised by the Government to provide funding and installation for energy efficient measures.

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