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Smart Heating Control Guide


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What are 'Smart' Heating Controls?

A heating system controlled by ‘smart’ heating controls would automatically adjust your heating schedule based on your lifestyle and can often be managed remotely through a mobile App. Ranging from ‘learning’ thermostats to ‘smart’ wireless radiator valves, these devices are specifically designed to improve the comfort of your home while reducing energy bills. Since the thermostat controls half your energy bill, many people who use ‘smart’ heating controls see a significant drop in their heating bill after installation. Many ‘Smart’ Heating energy saving solutions can also be controlled with a remote control or via a simple Web portal – ideal for those without an App enabled device.


How does the technology work?

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‘Smart’ heating controls can also use innovative Geofencing technology to sync your phone’s location to your heating system, ensuring you only heat your home when you really need it. For example, you can choose for your heating system to automatically turn off as you leave the house. Since these ‘smart’ controls can work out where you are and how fast you’re travelling, your heating system will know when you’ll get home – and will only turn on your heating when you’re the time away that it takes to heat the house. Once you’ve set these preferences, you’ll never have to worry about your heating again as these ‘smart’ controls will automatically adjust depending on your location, no matter what the change of plan.

Many ‘smart’ heating controls are also pre-set with ‘IFTTT’ (‘If This Then That’) technology, which enables you to connect your ‘smart’ energy efficient heating system to any website or App. Why not get your heating to turn on when the outside temperature drops below a certain point, or set your greenhouse heater to warm when the weather predicts a frost? ‘Smart’ heating controls offer complete control and personalisation of your heating system


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Can ‘Smart’ Heating Controls save me money?


Only heating your home when necessary is a simple way to significantly save money. Most people with traditional thermostats waste energy by heating their whole home when they only use one room, or by using an ‘unintelligent’ timer that can’t take changes of plan into consideration. Many ‘smart’ home heating solutions, such as MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves or the Nest Thermostat, allow you to heat rooms individually from an App, cutting energy wastage and bills and making a green, energy-saving ‘smart’ heating control system ideal to save money.



Is there an alternative to ‘Smart’ Heating Controls?

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There are also multiple heating solutions that can save you energy and money that are not ‘smart’ technology enabled. Boiler Management products such as the Tadpole Deaerator are designed to combat all known heating system problems, such as oxygen corrosion and the uneven heating of radiators, while one-installation ‘fit and forget’ systems like the Deeter Boiler Control save money by preventing water from being heated unnecessarily. Though these systems cannot be controlled remotely or be personalised to your lifestyle, most do not require monitoring and are excellent at saving energy in a different way to ‘smart’ heating controls.

Worried about the management or cost of ‘smart’ heating controls? Check out our Home Automation Guide.




What are the most popular Heating Control products?

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Nest Smart Thermostat

A ‘learning’ thermostat that automatically creates a customised heating schedule based on your daily routine, saving you energy by reducing unnecessary heating. The Nest ‘Smart’ Thermostat can be controlled manually using the thermostat’s casing or through the simple-to-use Nest App, and auto-adjusts your heating timetable based on external factors, such as the weather. Geofencing and IFTTT enabled.




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Wireless Radiator Valves

These ‘smart’ radiator valves enable the user control all their radiators individually on the go. Using the MiHome App, you can see at a glance which radiators are on and what temperature they are set to, as well as create and adjust your heating timetable. Using Geofencing and IFTTT technology, Wireless Radiators Valves can run automatically based on your phone’s location and external factors.




MiHome 3kw relay


Automated Heating

The simple installation that lets you to control your heating system and appliances up to 3kW from anywhere in the world. Regulate your heating and large appliances manually using the button on the Heating Relay’s casing, through the easy-to-use MiHome App or let advanced Geofencing and IFTTT technology to control your heating automatically.




Deeter Boiler Control


Boiler Management Systems

One-step installations that combat debilitating problems common to boilers and the wider heating system, such as corrosion, 'dry-cycling' and the uneven heating of radiators. Solving problems improves energy efficiency, reducing energy bills while increasing the life of your heating system.




Benefits of ‘Smart’ Heating Controls

tickComplete control over your heating via a simple App

tickImproves energy efficiency, cutting heating bills

tickAdjust your heating from anywhere in the world

tickGeofencing and IFTTT technology tailors your heating to your lifestyle

tickEasy to use


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