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The Average UK Home Wastes Hundreds of Pounds Worth of Energy Every Month

The equipment and tariff you use to heat your home can make all the difference when it comes to your energy bills. A few cheap and easy to implement changes might well be the only thing standing between you and saving hundreds of pounds every month.

Old, inefficient electric heating units are cheap to purchase but can waste huge amounts of energy every month. "Smart" electric heating units are made of super efficient materials that excel at warming up your home for less. These efficient and sustainable heating systems require a much more sizeable upfront cost, turning away many consumers who fail to understand that such heating systems will quickly pay for themselves.


The 3 Biggest Drains on UK Home Heating Bills

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What Can I Do to Start Reducing My Energy Bills?

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Change Your Energy Provider

The Average UK home can save over £200 a year by simply switching energy providers.

How Do I Make the Switch?

Our free online tariff switching calculator is designed to help consumers make sure that they are getting a fair deal on their electricity usage. Simply input your details into the calculator and receive an instant estimate of what you could save.




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Check to See if You Are Eligible for Funded Storage Heater and Water Boiler Replacements

In order to lessen the strain on the National Grid and reduce fuel poverty rates across the UK, the government and energy groups have liased to create the Affordable Warmth (or Help to Heat) scheme. Affordable Warmth is designed to finance hundreds of thousands of UK residents to make sure that their homes are outfitted with cost-effective, low-energy consumption heating devices. Qualifying homeowners will receive state of the art Dimplex Quantum storage heaters and smart water boilers that - in many cases - are 100% funded.

How Do I Check if I'm Eligible?

It's easy: simply call one of our specialist energy saving advisors or or send an inquiry via our contact form.



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What if I do not Qualify for Affordable Warmth?

For homeowners who are not elligible for Affordable Warmth, there is also VCharge: a storage heater upgrade that instantly makes existing heating systems easier to use and far more cost-effective. Unlike Affordable Warmth, VCharge is not means tested and is therefore available to anyone who owns storage heaters. Apply today to see if you are eligible.

What Else Can I do?

On top of all of these simple, funded measures to drive down your energy bills, we also offer plenty of other energy saving solutions. Voltage optimisation, insulation and energy monitors will all drive down your heating bills. If you would like to receive a free energy efficiency survey do not hestitate to call one of our expert advisors.