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Gledhill Unvented Direct Water Heater 120L

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Gledhill Unvented Direct Water Heater 120L

Gledhill Direct Unvented Water Heater. Part Number: ASL0005

120 Litre

 H 920mm x D 550mm

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Gledhill Hot Water Cylinders

The Gledhill Direct Unvented Cylinders are self-contained and connected directly to the cold water mains, meaning you won't need to keep a cold water tank in the loft. They are heated electrically, so they can be run without having to be hooked up to a gas boiler.

Stainless lite

Providing powerful, mains-pressure performance, it incorporates high flow rate controls, ideal for multi bathroom homes where baths fill very quickly.

There are Indirect and Direct patterns for gas/oil and electricity with model sizes from 60 litres to 400 litres in each pattern with an additional eight options for solar energy.

Duplex Stainless Steel

The Stainless Lite uses the very latest high specification Duplex to resist all forms of corrosion including crevice and stress whilst its high mechanical strength gives it durability.

The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the parent metal. Stainless Lite is pressure tested in the factory to a full 12 bar which is four times the normal working pressure.

Corrugated Coil

Stainless Lite uses a high heat transfer corrugated tube heat exchanger to give a 20% faster recovery than plain tube. It is also lighter and stronger than plain tube making the vessel the lightest and easiest to handle on site.

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Brands Gledhill
Body Colour White
depth 550mm
height 930mm
Litre 120L
Cylinder Direct Unvented
Warranty 25 Years
Weight Full 138kg
Weight Empty 18kg
Immersion 2
Fixings Installation Kit