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Frequently Asked Questions

Cavity Wall Insulation

Q Do I have to do anything before installation takes place?
Q Does the technician have to come into the house?
Q Is there much mess?
Q My house is semi-detached, how do they stop insulation going into my neighbour's cavity?
Q How do I know the walls are full?
Q What about the ventilators that are in the external wall?

External Wall Insulation

Q What is External wall insulation?
Q Can I get Funding?
Q How will the system be installed?
Q Do landlords Qualify?
Q How long will it take to install?
Q How durable is it?
Q What is the life span of the system?
Q What warranties are offered for the system?
Q What decorative finishes are available?
Q How is the system maintained?
Q Will there be any disruption?
Q Will I need planning permission?

Loft Insulation

Q What is the recommended thickness for loft insulation?
Q Will there be much mess whilst the work is carried out?
Q How long will the work take?

Solar PV

Q How much space on my roof do I need for a solar PV installation?
Q How much electricity does a PV system output?
Q How much does a Solar PV system cost?
Q Will I be eligible for the Feed In Tariff (FIT)?
Q Do I need planning permission?
Q Do I need to inform building control that I intend to install a solar system?
Q Will my roof be strong enough?
Q Do I need to inform my electricity supplier?
Q What is the payback for a solar PV installation?
Q Can I export any of the electricity I generate?
Q How much will I be paid for electricity I generate?
Q What is a kWh?
Q What is a Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC)?
Q What does the inverter do?
Q How does the electricity I generate get in to my wall sockets?
Q Do I need permission from building control to install solar panels?
Q Are solar PV tiles available?
Q Will I have electricity during mains power cuts?
Q Do I need a three phase electricity supply?
Q Does your prices include for Scaffolding?
Q Are there any grants available?
Q Are the grants difficult to get?
Q What is the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV panels?
Q Will PV systems be dropping in price dramatically over the next few years?
Q Is efficiency important with solar panels?
Q Whose panels do you use?
Q What guarantees will I receive?
Q Are your panels approved?
Q Will an electrician fit the panels to the roof?
Q How are the panels fixed to the roof?
Q How long will the installation take?
Q How much do the solar PV panels weigh?
Q Are the solar PV panels fragile?
Q Can I heat water with solar PV panels?

LED Lighting

Q Do energy-saving lightbulbs take a long time to light up?
Q Lots of my lights have dimmer switches. Can I fit them with energy saving bulbs?
Q Do traditional bulbs give a better quality of light?
Q Do producing an energy-saving bulb must take more energy in the first place than making a standard bulb. At the end of the day, doesn't that make it inefficient?
Q Have they banned traditional light bulbs?

Voltage Optimisation

Q What is the average savings by voltage reduction?
Q What is the difference between a transformer and a stabiliser?
Q Is it feasible to use Voltage Optimisation units in any industry?
Q Will the installation of voltage optimisation have any negative effect on any of my electrical equipment?


Q What is a biomass boiler?
Q Can a biomass boiler be connected to my existing heating system?


Q Can this work on a pre-payment meter?
Q Can the Vcharge controller controller be fitted to any storage heater?
Q Do I have to sign up to any contract?
Q What happens if I move house?
Q What happens if my storage heater breaks?
Q Can I connect this to my water cylinder?
Q How big is the device?
Q How easy are they to set up and control?
Q Is this a scam, or is there a catch?
Q How long does the installation take?
Q How much energy could I save?
Q Do I need broadband?
Q Do I have to change my energy supplier and tariff?