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Guide to Smart Storage Heaters

dimplex living room

If you don't have gas central heating, storage heaters can be a viable alternative if you use them correctly. They are designed to draw cheaper off peak electricity at night and release it during the day. This is done via the Economy 7 tariff, or sometimes Economy 10 tariff where the off peak time is spread across 10 hours in every 24.

Standard or ‘static’ storage heaters have an input and output manual control that allows you to take in electricity at night and release it through the next day. Many people do not use these controls correctly. Even though the electricity is cheaper at night, it is wasteful to leave the input control on full if you are not going to need all the heat the next day. Similarly, if the output control is not carefully controlled you may get heat when you don’t want it and run out when you do.

‘Smart’ storage heaters such as the Dimplex Quantum will do the adjusting for you. Like standard storage heaters, they take advantage of off-peak electricity but crucially they can release the stored heat at preset times and temperatures via a sophisticated self-learning algorithm. It will calculate how long to charge the unit and at what rate to release the heat, depending on your lifestyle, weather conditions and your temperature requirements.

All storage heaters will emit a little heat after storage even in the output off position, but smart storage heaters hold their heat for longer because of their highly insulated compartment inside the heater itself. (A little constant background heat can be a good way of avoiding big peaks and troughs in temperature.)

A storage heater control panel

Another advantage of smart storage heaters is their ability to charge only until full, not necessarily the whole seven hour off peak period used by standard storage heaters. Landlords in particular should choose carefully when installing or replacing existing storage heaters. The Dimplex Quantum smart storage heater is BEAB approved. This means you get an improved energy efficiency rating (EPC) for your rented property. From 2018 it will be illegal for private landlords to rent out any property with a rating of F or below, which means many old electric heaters and storage heaters may fall foul of this new government legislation.

So, it really is important to make the right decisions with storage heaters. Smart storage heaters like the Dimplex Quantum may cost a little more to purchase than standards ones, but they are around 27% cheaper to run and will soon pay for themselves and go on to give years of lower energy bills. Even installing just one Dimplex Quantum will improve that all-important EPC rating and keep you warmer into the bargain. If you require any further information or advice, please contact us at or call on 0115 854 7498.