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Electric Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric radiators expensive to run?

Whilst gas is currently available at cheaper rates than electricity, electric radiators can still work out cheaper to run than gas central heating or storage heaters because they are extremely energy efficient and offer precision heating control.

Electric radiators allow you to control the heating in each room of your house separately. With programming available on all of our radiators you can set up a heating schedule for each room individually to meet the heating needs of the room.  If you temporarily don’t use a room, you can set this on a lower setting to come on less frequently. With full control over each electric radiator, you are able to slim down your heating bills.

What size electric radiator do I need?

To heat your room effectively you will need to choose radiators with a high enough wattage to efficiently heat the space. To calculate the wattage call Greenvision on 0115 854 7498.

You will then need to choose a radiator or combination of radiators which add up to the required wattage. If your wattage calculation is on the borderline between two sizes we always recommend choosing the larger radiator. Under-specifying your heating will either leave you cold or will overwork your radiators, wasting energy and shortening their lifespans. Larger radiators will simply spend less time switched on, saving you money whilst maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Can I have an electric radiator in my bathroom?

We do not recommend electric radiators for bathroom installation. This is because there is the temptation to hang towels over the appliance to dry, which can obstruct ventilation on the heater and cause a hazard. In most bathrooms, electric towel rails provide a more practical option, making better use of the space. They give you somewhere to hang your towels while also keeping the room toasty warm.

What makes electric radiators efficient?

Our electric radiators use fast-acting heat elements to warm rooms with a mixture of radiated and convected heat – working in just the same way as central heating radiators.

Electric radiators are much cheaper to install than gas central heating; they are also more reliable and require barely any maintenance. Electric radiators offer much more scope to increase the energy efficiency of your heating because they can take advantage of more and more sophisticated electronic heating control technology. electric radiators work individually, with each radiator equipped with its own thermostat and programmable timer. This immediately gives electric radiators an advantage because they do not waste energy

Where should I place the electric radiator?

The best place to fit your radiators is usually wherever makes you feel most comfortable. If you have the right size and number of radiators, your radiators should keep the room warm no matter where they’re placed – but you might be more conscious of window draughts if your favourite chair is near a window with no radiator, for example. There are only two, fairly common-sense rules that you should always follow when placing your electric radiators:

Do not place your radiators behind obstructions such as sofas, tables or long curtains. The radiators will not be able to radiate heat into the room if their surfaces are covered. If you’re heating a larger room that requires more than one radiator, try and space your radiators evenly along the walls. This will ensure an even distribution of heat.

Do electric radiators heat up quickly?

Electric radiators boast some of the fastest heat-up times on the market. Unlike storage heaters, which must be charged up overnight, and unlike central heating radiators, which must wait for water to be heated and sent upstairs through the pipes, electric radiators start heating up from the moment they are switched on.


Are electric radiators better than gas central heating?

Gas central heating is one of the most popular heating systems in the country, used in the majority of homes across the UK. However, in the last few decades electric heating technology has developed at such a rate that energy efficient electric radiators now offer an economical alternative. Innovative new thermal elements, fast and effective electrical components and state-of-the-art heating control features allow you to trim down your energy usage like never before – giving you the potential to significantly reduce your heating costs. Here are a few advantages electric radiators offer over gas central heating:

With a short cable the radiators engage as soon as they are switched on, with no heat loss between the power source and the heat output.