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Education Centres can use Green Energy to Cut Their Expenditures Without Having to Sacrifice on Teaching Resources

Greenvision Energy are experts in implementing modern and super-efficient energy saving measures which put value, comfort, and convenience first. Our specialists work with schools, colleges and universities to help downsize their big energy bills. We have seen the massive strain cuts and inflation have placed upon the education sector. We understand that the last thing our teachers and education administrators want is to compromise on the high quality of education that they provide. That’s where we come in: Greenvision seeks to utilise our energy saving expertise to loosen some of the financial strain on education centres across the UK.

  • Heating Solutions for Your Staff & Students

    black electric radiator delta

        Create a more comfortable learning environment & gain happier & more productive students
        We offer free audits so that we can assess which is the most efficient and affordable heating system for your establishment
        Our modern, super-efficient heaters can cut your heating costs by 25%

  • LEDs Save Time on Maintenance

    large open school room

        LED lights perform just as well as conventional bulbs while consuming 90% less energy
        Pay As You Save will absorb the upfront cost commitment, ensuring you experience almost-instant savings
        LEDs typically last up to 15 – 20 years – save time & money on maintenance

  • Government Funded
    Solar PV

    solar pv roof image

        We can secure free solar funding for your education centre
        Cut your energy costs while getting paid by the government for all the electricity you generate
        Encourage your students to become environmentally aware & learn about the technicalities of green energy

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