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Make expensive water bills a thing of the past

Did you know that a large part of your energy bill is due to hot water usage? Each household in the UK uses on average around 360 litres of water each day. We forget how much energy is used on a daily basis when boiling kettles, showering and heating large volumes of water. If you can reduce your water consumption you can reduce your energy / water bills and save money. To keep up to date with these technologies and benefit from any deals ongoing, why not sign up to our newsletter.

Greenvision Energy has a range of easy to install, eco water-saving products that significantly reduce your water consumption and energy bills for domestic & commercial properties. Installation costs of our products are a fraction of the cost of fitting a large hot water cylinder that you really don’t need if you have no bath and use an electric shower. Not only would you save on water heating, but on initial installation and purchase price as well. We supply & install a range of hydro taps & designer water boilers and under-sink water heaters designed to conserve water and electricity and reduce your installation costs.

We are experts in water conservation, and are happy to answer any questions regarding our water saving products & services.

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Hotels, Nursing Homes can reduce water consumption by up to 60%


Try one of our shower heads and  if you are not happy send it back and we will refund your money. Going green certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or performance with Greenvision showerheads. Our shower head has a clear advantage over regular shower heads and gives you a complete full flow spa-like shower by using the latest water and energy saving technology.

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