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LED lighting uses up to 90% less electricity than halogen or incandescent lighting which can mean much lower bills and big savings in energy. LED light bulbs also last much longer than standard halogen bulbs, often lasting up to 20 years so replacement costs are lower as well.

LED lighting is also safer; by working at lower temperatures than halogen bulbs, there is a much reduced fire risk. Further, LED light bulbs contain no harmful substances like Mercury which are often found in CFL and halogen bulbs. As such, LED light bulbs are safer around the home and are 100% recyclable.

As well as the financial and environmental benefits, LED lighting can give you much better control. LED lighting systems can be configured to give you control over individual LED bulbs allowing you to create an ambience to match your mood.


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  • A one-stop-shop for saving money and energy with LED lighting
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The Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Direct Replacement LED bulbs have an outstanding operational life time
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LED Lighting. Use our Pay As You Save Scheme (PAYS) 

and save £100 Per Year

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Did you know that your lighting bill can account for forty percent of your total costs of energy consumption? We forget how many lights we have in home / premises, how long they are left on for, the replacement costs, but more importantly how much energy they consume.

Replacing LED lighting is painless and a cost effective way of reducing your energy bill. There are  virtually no upfront costs with Greenvision's Pay As You Save Scheme (PAYS). Call our lighting team on 0115 854 7498 for free quote

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