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Room in Roof Insulation

Insulate your loft/attic for free!

If your property has an attic/loft conversion or a room in the roof with just the usual floor insulation, you could save over £500 per year by installing Greenvision’s room in roof insulation which covers walls and ceilings. You could be losing up to 25% of the heat generated in your home by not fully insulating your loft, attic or flat roof. Room in roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills. By insulating the walls and ceiling you create a usable attic room which stays warm in winter but cool in summer.


What is Room-in-Roof Insulation?

In an older property with a room in the roof such as 3-storey Victorian and Edwardian properties, there will be no insulation in place, other than to the floor, leaving just a roof tile between your habitable space and the elements. Insulating batts are secured to the walls and ceiling of the room and slabs of insulation are fitted between them. Plasterboard is then secured over the insulation and skimmed ready for decoration. There is little disruption and the whole process is usually completed in a day. Skirting boards, light fittings, radiators, etc. are all removed prior to installation and replaced afterwards.


Funding Available – Do I qualify & how do I apply?

Room in roof funding is available to everybody through Greenvision Energy for a limited period only. It is not means tested and you don’t need to be on benefits. In most case its 100% fully funded. A room in roof or attic room is defined by the presence of a fixed staircase to access the room and a window in the room. To apply call our Room in Roof Insulation help line 0115 854 7498 or email