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Loft Insulation

Insulation Grant Available!

Save money and energy with loft insulation
Insulating your loft is one of the most effective ways to save energy, improve energy efficiency and to reduce your carbon footprint. An uninsulated or badly insulated house can lose up to 33% of its heat through the loft.
With energy costs continuing to rise, loft insulation is still one of the most effective way to reduce your heating bills, you could save up to £200 a year on your fuel bills depending on your existing level of insulation.
If you act fast you can still claim your free non-repayable Government-backed Insulation grant to cover all or most of the cost.

Current UK Government loft insulation guidelines
The UK government currently recommend that to achieve a U-value of 0.16, matting insulation needs to be 270mm thick. This typically comes from a 100mm layer of insulation running between the joists as well as a 170mm top up layer running perpendicular to the joists.

What can I save?
Approximate savings per year are £200 year and 730kg Carbon dioxide savings per year.