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External Wall Insulation

Uninsulated homes also lose a significant amount of heat through the walls. Heat will always flow from a warm area to a cold one and so particularly in Winter, heat escapes from homes into the cold outside. Insulating walls with External Wall Insulation can reduce heating bills by over 40% which often means savings of more than £500 for homeowners. In addition, external wall insulation can transform the appearance of a property (You can choose the type and colour of finish) and increase its value. EWI will help to reduce condensation.  Government grants- ECO funding available through Greenvision Energy, up to £3,000 which are not means tested and do not have to be paid back; however, there are limited funds available and so it makes sense to apply as soon as possible.

Contact us to arrange a free Survey. We can also help you to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumptions and costs in all areas of your home.

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