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Solar PV

Solar PV Modern house

With a Solar PV system, you can reduce your energy bills and get paid for the electricity you generate. Payments are made to you through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme; introduced in 2010, the scheme can benefit you in a number of ways if you have a solar PV system installed:

Get paid for all the electricity you produce

Under what is called the ‘generation tariff’, your electricity supplier will pay you the current FIT rates for every unit of electricity your solar PV system generates, whether you use it in your home or business or not. That’s right, you get paid for all the electricity you generate even if you use it.

Solar Domestic

Get extra payments for the electricity you don’t use

Under what is called the ‘export tariff’, your electricity provider will make additional payments to you for any electricity you generate but do not use which is ‘exported’ into the national grid.

Reduce your energy bills

You can use the electricity you generate through a solar PV system and reduce the electricity bills that you pay currently. With electricity prices continuing to rise, this can be an additional and significant financial benefit.
Alongside the strong financial returns, the lower impact of your energy usage on the environment makes Solar PV worth considering.

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