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Nest Indoor Cam

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Monitor your home with 1080p HD live streaming from anywhere in the world. Product code: NC1102GB 

Continuous real-time streaming

Instant Motion and Audio alerts

Secure and private video footage

Nest Indoor Cam

The Nest Indoor Cam is the home security device that allows you to feel completely at ease when out and about. By continuously streaming its view to any mobile device in real-time, the Nest Indoor Cam enables you to immediately check everything is as it should be at home from anywhere in the world via the simple Nest App. With features including instantaneous motion and sound alerts, 130° wide angle vision and geofencing-enabled technology, this self-running ‘smart’ home camera will never be intrusive while always monitoring your home.

How will the Nest Indoor Cam look after my home?

Motion Alerts
The Nest Indoor Cam uses a range of ‘smart’ technologies and unique computing algorithms to continuously monitor your home. Once installed, the Nest Indoor Cam analyses its 130° view before memorising what its surroundings look and sound like, and this ‘memory’ will be used as the Nest Cam’s reference point in the future. If you have the Nest Motion Alerts feature turned on, the Cam will then automatically send you a ‘motion alert’ whenever something occurs in the camera’s sight. Personally take control of your home’s security – immediately know when your children come home from school, your dog jumps on the sofa or someone unexpected arrives at the door, all from your phone.

Camera Quality
With its eight infrared sensors, the Nest Indoor Cam comes with advanced night vision technology that allows you to see your home just as clearly at night as you do in the day. Whereas many home security cameras record a dark and grainy image at night, this ‘smart’ camera’s professional-standard glass lens and 1/3 inch, 3 megapixel sensor – made up of large, high-quality pixels – allows the Nest Indoor Cam to capture small details clearly, whether day or night. The Nest Indoor Cam doesn’t get confused either; as many ‘smart’ home cameras are light sensitive and switch to Night Mode when it gets dark, they can become disorientated and stop recording or switch to Day Mode when the bright headlights of a car flash through the window or when the fridge is opened. The extremely sensitive light sensors in the Nest Indoor Cam can easily differentiate between a passing torch, a streetlamp and daytime, so you can be sure that your home monitoring system is always watching your home when you need it to.

To make sure you can monitor as much of your room as possible, the Nest Indoor Cam sits on a 180° pivot so that you can adjust the angle of your camera view and get the perfect picture. Its eight high-power infrared LEDs automatically adjust to ensure the Nest Indoor Cam always captures video with well-balanced colour and exposure. So if the Nest Indoor Cam unexpectedly captures an incredible family moment, you know it’ll be in perfect 1080p HD quality. You can even choose to share what’s happening in your life with friends and family with the Nest Indoor Cam live stream feature. If you need a closer look, it’s easy for the Nest Cam to zoom and enhance the recorded video with its 8x digital zoom and 3 megapixel sensor.

Audio Alerts
The Nest Indoor Cam also monitors the sounds of your home, and can instantly send you a phone notification when there’s an unexpected sound, such as a crash or bang. Nest’s advanced analysis algorithms learn the standard sounds of your home to maximise Audio Alert efficiency; while many home monitoring systems might alert the owner whenever any sound was heard, the Nest Indoor Cam can differentiate between background noise, such as a fan or passing traffic, and the things that matter, like a smash, the doorbell ringing or your baby crying.

Listen and Talk
The Nest cam doesn’t just listen: it can also talk. Through the Nest mobile App, you can watch and listen to the goings on your home from on the go. If you notice something undesirable happening, or the Nest App sends you a notification, you can speak into your phone and have your speech played through the Nest Cam live in your house. Why not tell the dog to get off the sofa or ask your partner to put the laundry on? The only limit is your imagination!

The Nest Indoor Cam isn’t just ‘smart’ because of its learning technology – Nest’s advanced home monitoring system is Geofencing enabled, which allows it to tailor your automated home’s routine depending on your phone’s location. By syncing your home camera with your phone and so tracking your location, the Nest Indoor Cam can automatically turn on when you leave the house and turn off notifications when you arrive back home. All members of the family can now have their own account on the ‘smart’ Nest Cam App, meaning that this geofencing tracking technology is more accurate and useful than ever. No more fuss – the Nest Indoor Cam will always monitor your home when needed.

What is Nest Aware and what additional features would I get with a subscription?

Nest Aware is a subscription service to accompany the Nest Indoor Cam. Whereas the Nest Indoor Cam only live streams, Nest Aware allows the ‘smart’ camera to also continuously record its footage 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This footage can then be stored for up to 30 days on the Nest Aware secure and private cloud server, or can be downloaded onto your computer. Nest Aware gives you the ability to edit, save and share clips to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or via email. You can even make a timelapse of your entire day and turn it into a 6, 15, 30, 60 or 120-second film.

Nest Aware was designed to help your home be even more secure. Nest Aware’s ‘Activity Zones’ feature lets you highlight areas of your home that you want to keep a special eye on. Whether you choose to closely monitor the back door or the Christmas presents under the tree, the Nest Indoor Cam will instantly send a notification to your phone whenever there is movement or sound in that ‘Activity Zone’. You can then use the Nest Cam’s live streaming feed to watch what’s happening in your home and use the Nest speaking feature to talk to your house.

With Nest Aware, the Nest Indoor Cam will highlight on its recorded video whenever something’s happens in your home. Go back and see what you’ve missed in the past 30 days – Nest Aware lets you scroll through all your recorded video and filter key events in your timeline by sound, motion, or Activity Zone.

Nest Aware also improves the accuracy of the Nest Indoor Cam’s Motion and Audio Alerts. Using extremely advanced video analysis algorithms, Nest Aware can filter out movement and light that can sometimes confuse cameras, such as car headlights and sunlight flashing through the windows. Nest Aware also enables your Nest Cam to learn the regular motion patterns of its view, such as trees swaying in the breeze. With Nest Aware enabled, the Cam will even take a three-dimensional snapshot of its view every night to help its light and depth sensors. These features are designed to make your Nest Indoor Cam more ‘intelligent’ by being able to differentiate between background movement and noise and things that are important. That means less false alerts and more accurate notifications.

These advanced alerts and video services require more computing power and memory than the Nest Indoor Cam can deliver by itself, which is why Nest Aware is a subscription service. Every Nest Indoor Cam comes with a free 30 day trial of Nest Aware. Find out more about Nest Aware.

Is my Nest Indoor Cam recorded video secure?

The Nest Indoor Cam uses 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy and a unique 2048-bit RSA key to ensure your videos can only be seen by you and you alone (unless you choose to share them).

To make sure its 1080p HD streaming and recording doesn’t overload your internet connection, the Nest Indoor Cam uses H.264 compression to guarantee high quality video without using as much bandwidth as other home cameras. Nest Indoor Cam also sends its video across both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi frequencies. This ‘Dual-band WiFi’ system reduces strain on your internet connection, meaning that you can always stream the Cam’s live feed in 1080p HD without worrying about its impact on your bandwidth.

What will the Nest Indoor Cam look like in my house?

Nest knows that every home is different, which is why the Nest Indoor Cam comes with a range of set-up options so that you can personalise and adjust your security camera to your home. The Nest Indoor Cam is incredibly simple to install – just plug it in and follow the instructions on the Nest App. Stand the Nest Cam on any flat surface, such as a table or bookshelf, attach it to any metallic surface using its built-in magnet or use its removable wall plate – with included cable clip – to simply and tidily attach your ‘smart’ security camera to a wall. Not enough options? The Nest Indoor Cam can even be mounted directly onto most standard tripods or stands.

With its slim and sleek design, the Nest Indoor Cam is unobtrusive to daily life. Despite its modest appearance, you’ll always know your Nest security camera is running at its best by its helpful function lights; by seeing a green, flashing green or flashing blue light, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if your Nest Indoor Cam is on and whether someone’s watching or about to speak through the camera’s speaker.

Compatibility with other ‘smart’ products

All Nest devices are designed to be fully compatible with other ‘smart’ products as part of a fully automated home. The Nest Indoor Cam and Nest Protect were created with this specifically in mind and can be used in conjunction with the Nest Learning Thermostat to make your home warmer, safer and more energy efficient without any user programming. With one App for all your Nest products, you can see everything happening in your house, whether at home or on the go.

When installed, the Nest Learning Thermostat will immediately sync itself to the Nest Indoor Cam. You can then choose for your thermostat and security camera to work together to maximise energy efficiency and home security; utilising the Nest Smart Thermostat’s geofencing technology and motion sensors, your ‘smart’ Nest automated home will notice when you’re away and automatically turn on the Nest Indoor Cam while turning off your heating. Find out more about the Nest Smart Thermostat.

If the Nest Protect senses smoke, the Nest Indoor Cam will automatically switch on and record what happens in your home, even if you’re not subscribed to Nest Aware. Take a look at the other features of the Nest Protect.

You can also easily integrate all your Nest technology with hundreds of other ‘smart’ products – just look for the ‘Works with Nest’ logo. From lightbulbs to watches to radiator valves, these products don’t need to be programmed or adjusted because an automated home learns from you every day. Why not have a look at our wide range of Nest-compatible Home Automation products?

What are the benefits of the Nest Indoor Cam?

Continuous 1080p HD live streaming to your mobile device anywhere in the world

Instant Motion and Audio alerts

130° wide camera angle

Glass lens and 1/3 inch, 3 megapixel sensor

Eight infrared sensors for advanced night vision recording

180° stand pivot and four set up options

Easy installation

Geofencing included

Secure and private video footage

Use your phone to talk through the Cam to your home

Sleek design

Nest Aware enabled

Easily integrated into the rest of your Nest Home and compatible with hundreds of other ‘smart’ products

2 year guarantee

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