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Automated Lighting

Control all your existing lighting at home or on the go with MiHome’s automated lighting devices

MiHome’s Automated Lighting systems allow you to control all aspects of your lighting with just the touch of a button. Set timers, adjust brightness and name your lights through the simple app, giving you complete control over your home lighting. This ‘smart’ technology doesn’t require you to change all your fixtures and fittings – it works in conjunction with your existing lighting. Using the simple app, you can easily see which lights in your home are on, and to what brightness, so allowing you to keep track of your energy usage. Create timers for your lighting to add to security while on holiday, or only keep the light on in rooms your pets use during the day.


All MiHome Automated Lighting systems are Geofencing enabled, letting you can sync your lighting with your phone’s location. Never come home to a dark house again – set your lights to turn on when you’re 50m from home. With this ‘smart’ system, it doesn’t matter if you come home unexpectedly – your house will always be bright when you arrive, without wasting energy and money.


MiHome Home Automation solutions are also pre-set with IFTTT (‘If This Then That’) technology. This allows you to connect your lighting to whatever websites or apps you like, personalising appliances to your every need. The only limit is your imagination!


Installing a MiHome Automated Lighting solution can significantly reduce your energy bill; a light bulb can last 20x longer when dimmed by 50%, saving you energy as well as replacement costs, so why not set your porch lights to dim at night or reduce your lighting in rooms with pets during the day? Having complete control over your home means you’re in charge of your energy bill.


How can we help? Contact us if you have any questions regarding our MiHome Automated Lighting or any Home Automation device. We offer free surveys and technical support, speedy quotations, discount on bulk purchases and an excellent installation service. We will even check to make sure you are on the right energy tariff. If you require any advice just call us on 0115 854 7498 or fill out our contact form.


Benefits of MiHome Automated Lighting:
  • • Control every aspect of your lighting with one touch of a button from anywhere in the world.
  • • Adjust the lighting of rooms individually, significantly cutting your heating bill.
  • • Easy to control and program via the simple app or web portal.
  • • Set your lighting to automatically adjust based on your needs.
  • • Sync your lighting to your phones location so you never come home to a dark house.
  • • Simple to install, or let us install your Home Automation system for a quick and easy set up.
  • • Build your automated home piece by piece at your own speed.
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  • MiHome Gateway

    MiHome Gateway

    Control all your Home Automation devices on the go via the MiHome Gateway. Product code: MIHO001 

    Voltage supply: 5VDC

    Input current: 150mA max

    Energy efficiency: 0.3W in standby

    Excl. Tax: £69.99 Incl. Tax: £83.99
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  • MiHome Light Switch

    MiHome Light Switch

    Manage your lighting from anywhere in the world. Cut costs. Complete control. Product code: MIHO025 

    Voltage supply: 250 V

    3 x 9 x 9 cm

    200 g

    Excl. Tax: £27.99 Incl. Tax: £33.59
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Why Choose Greenvision Energy for Automated Lighting?

We are experts in supplying and installing a large range of Home Automation energy solutions, including MiHome Automated Lighting technology. Greenvision customers not only benefit from the convenience of an automated home, but also see huge savings on their energy bill after installing a Home Automation system.

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