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Smart Accessories

Why Choose Greenvision Energy for MiHome Accessories?

Why chose greenvision

Ensure your Home Automation solution is running smoothly with our range of system accessories.

We are experts in supplying and installing a large range of Home Automation energy solutions, including the MiHome Whole House Monitor and the MiHome Gateway. Greenvision customers not only benefit from the convenience of an automated home, but also see huge savings on their energy bill after installing a Home Automation system.


The MiHome Gateway is the essential centre point between most of your Home Automation devices and your smart phone, allowing you to control all aspects of your home from on the go. Make sure that your home is energy efficient by monitoring your power use, analysing trends and calculating your long-term energy consumption, all through the easy-to-use app or web portal. You can use feedback from your MiHome Whole House Monitor to make energy saving adjustments to your home life, cutting your energy bill.


Make sure your Home Automation system is always running at its best with our MiHome Accessories.


How can we help? Contact us if you have any questions regarding our MiHome Accessories or any Home Automation device. We offer free surveys and technical support, speedy quotations, discount on bulk purchases and an excellent installation service. We will even check to make sure you are on the right energy tariff. If you require any advice just call us on 0115 854 7498 or fill out our contact form.

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