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Home Automation

Excellent energy saving products with Greenvision Energy’s convenient and flexible home automation system.

Welcome to Greenvision Energy’s home automation page.
We offer a full range of ‘smart’ products that can automatically switch on and off at pre-set times and temperatures or even ‘think’ for themselves to save energy whilst maintaining ideal conditions in your home or office. All our home automation products can be controlled via remote or on the go with your mobile.

What can Home Automation do?
Our Geo Fencing solution is the pinnacle of this technology; by connecting with your phone signal, Geo Fencing senses when you are leaving or approaching home without any input from you, allowing virtually any appliance, including heating, air-con, the oven and lighting, to be automatically adjusted to your requirements. Unlike standard heating controls like a manual thermostat, the Geo Fencing solution works for your lifestyle by figuring out how long your heating system will take to reach an ideal temperature, taking into account factors such as the weather conditions and your distance from the home.

Save energy, time and money
These systems are not only convenient for the user but are also exceptional energy saving devices. By making energy adjustments based on your location and need, home automation systems manage your energy usage on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to. Some of the latest generation of smart controls can even show you your energy costs and usage.

Why not use home automation to take advantage of Economy 7? Use your phone to set a timer for your dish washer and washing machine, putting you fully in control of your home while cutting your energy bill.

Whether for a home or office, home automation can save you money while reducing hassle.


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Why an automated system?

Turning off appliances before you go out is a great way to reduce your energy usage and save money on your electricity bill. This doesn’t have to mean running around the house turning off switches before you leave, as you can use the automated MiHome Range to control your lights, heating and appliances at home and on the go.

Keeping your home at a pleasant temperature is very important. Being too hot or too cold not only makes you feel uncomfortable but it can also impact on your health. Figuring out the optimum temperature for you can be difficult and is often a matter of guesswork, especially when using a traditional, manual thermostat which does little more than turn your heating on and off. A lack of control could mean that you are wasting energy, so paying more to heat your home. An automated home energy solution gives you complete control over your home appliances and systems, allowing you to set accurate timers, check the temperature of individual rooms and turn off appliances from anywhere in the world. MiHome heating systems even consider the weather when calculating how long your home would take to heat!

Using the latest smart home automation system, you can monitor and control all aspects of your home using your phone, including heating, lighting, security and entertainment. We offer a friendly and efficient service and are happy to help customers with any size project. We offer a full turnkey service for all our products or we are happy to provide equipment on a supply only basis.


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