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Energenie Wireless Radiator Valves

Why chose greenvision

Only heat the rooms you need to by controlling your radiators individually, saving you energy and money

Many homes are heated inefficiently and unnecessarily by relying on one thermostat to control the heating of the entire house, drastically increasing their energy bill and carbon footprint. MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves solve this problem; through the easy-to-use App, the MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves allow you to monitor and control each of your radiators separately, so letting you choose which rooms you want to heat, and to what temperature. Set timers to suit your schedule and even see the temperature of each room in your house! Why not set your kitchen to heat up half an hour before you return home from work, or only heat the bedrooms at night? MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves add to your comfort while saving you money. 


All of our MiHome Home Automation technology is Geofencing enabled. This allows you to connect your heating to the location of your phone, making sure that you never come home to a cold house again - you can get your heating to turn on when you’re 5 miles from home, or to turn off automatically when you leave the house. This ‘smart’ technology is never taken by surprise; by tracking your phone, MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves can immediately adjust your heating schedule when something unexpected happens, making sure your home is always warm without wasting money.


MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves also come with ‘smart’ IFTTT (‘If This Then That’) programming, which lets you set your heating to react to an external prompt, such as an App or websites. We have customers pre-setting their heating to activate when the weather is predicted to drop below a certain temperature and getting their cold frame to warm when there’s a frost. What could you do with complete control of your heating system? Whatever you need, MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves will make heating your home easier, cheaper and warmer.


Benefits of MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves?
  • Control every aspect of your heating - with one touch of a button from anywhere in the world.
  • Heat rooms individually as you need them - significantly cutting your heating bill.
  • Easy to control and programme - via the simple app or web portal, set different times and temperatures for different rooms.
  • Get your devices to automatically adjust - based on your needs and events such as the weather.
  • Sync your appliances to your phone’s location - so you never come home to a cold house.
  • Simple to install - or let us install your Home Automation system for a quick and easy set up.
  • Build your automated home - piece by piece at your own speed.
Further ways to save money when installing our MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves
greenvision install reasons

How can we help? Contact us if you have any questions regarding our MiHome Wireless Radiator Valves. We offer free surveys and technical support, speedy quotations, discount on bulk purchases and an excellent installation service. We will even check to make sure you are on the right energy tariff. Call us on 0115 854 7498 or fill out our contact form.

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