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Voltage Optimisation

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Voltage optimisation can achieve significant energy savings and also extend the life of electrical equipment. This is because voltage supplied from the National Grid into homes and businesses (average 240V) is higher than that required by most electrical appliances (220V). This excessive voltage results in electricity bills that are higher than they need to be and means that appliances are overpowered and at risk of overheating.

By taking thousands of measurements per second, voltage optimisation units continually adjust the voltage from its source of supply to reduce it to the voltage that electrical equipment needs to operate efficiently. This eliminates excess voltage and reduces the associated energy consumption and costs as well as reducing the risk of equipment becoming overpowered and overheated.

The savings can be significant as voltage optimisation can cut electricity bills by up to 15% while savings can also be realised through lower maintenance costs on electrical equipment. As a simple solution, voltage optimisation units can be installed quickly and easily; our qualified installation team can connect the units between your supplier’s fuses and your distribution board in approximately 60 minutes.

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