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Owl Energy Monitors give prompt and convenient feedback on your electrical usage. Owl Energy Monitors give a continuous display of the cost of energy usage, as well as how much CO2 your house is producing. They could save as much as 15% on your energy bills because you can see instantly how much energy you are saving by turning off stand by switches, turning down thermostats etc. There is no better way to encourage energy saving than when you can clearly see the true cost. Owl Energy Monitors multiple tariffs and are easy to install and set up – no electrician required.

Using a home energy meter could save you up to 15% of your energy bills, by showing you exactly how much energy you're using as you're using it, so you can improve your habits regarding electrical usage. The monitor shows consumption or cost per hour, as well as an estimate on how much CO2 you are producing. OWL energy monitors are cheap and easy to install, so there's no need for a professional installation. They are also portable, so you can easily check how much energy particular devices are using by switching them off and on. They can also see the overall consumption by day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings have been made.

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  • OWL Micro+ Electricity Energy Monitor

    OWL Micro+ Electricity Energy Monitor
    Freshly styled and easy to use, the wireless micro+ is battery powered to sit comfortably anywhere in the home, helping you monitor and reduce your electricity consumption.
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  • Owl+USB Wireless Electricity Monitor

    Owl+USB Wireless Electricity Monitor
    The Owl+USB has the capabilities of the Owl micro+ with the added benefit of a detailed data history, featuring average readings for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly periods, plus a 21 year rolling history storage capacity.
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