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Rointe Towel Rails

Rointe Kyros towel rails are energy efficient, beautifully designed and look great in any bathroom Buy Rointe Towel Rails

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Rointe Towel Rails heat your entire bathroom and dry your towels incredibly efficiently. Available in white or chrome and range of sizes and heat outputs, they fit seamlessly into your décor. Rointe Towel Rails are state of the art and look fantastic in any bathroom or ensuite due to their stylish and elegant design. Enjoy full control over time and temperature settings.

Turns your bathroom into a warm, cosy, comfortable room. They are highly efficient and only cost a few pence to run per hour thanks to its patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology consisting of a microprocessor, thermostat and exclusive software which controls temperature variations to fractions of a degree. Less temperature variation means less energy used.

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Rointe Kyros Series Towel Rails

Kyros towel rails are an intelligent digital heating solution for bathrooms. An elegantly designed towel rail that will dry your towels and heat the whole bathroom too with advanced functionality and editable pre-installed program. Available in white and chrome with a range of sizes and heat outputs.

Exclusive 2 hour boost function that activates your towel rail to maximum power for up to 120 minutes. Your bathroom will reach maximum comfort in a short period of time. Rointe Kyros towel rails include energy-saving features that help you reduce consumption, such as Open Windows.

Low In Energy Consumption

Incredibly energy efficient thanks to the patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology

Stylish, Elegant and Slimline Design

They look fantastic in all bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms and downstairs toilets whilst heating your bathroom and drying your towels .

Easy to Control

Fully programmable 24/7 Digital Programming, set different times and temperatures for different rooms. Use the simple control on the unit or the Rointe Remote Control.

Two Boost Option

The boost option produces 2 hours worth of heat and automatically turns the towel rail off for added convenience.

Open window Detection

The towel rail will switch to minimum heating if a window is opened. Ideal for student accommodation & hospitality.

Why is the Rointe Kyros Towel Rails so efficient?

Kyros towel rails use patented Fussy Loggic energy control technology and exclusive software to control temperature variations to fractions of a degree.Less temperature variation means less energy used, reducing the amount of electricity required to maintain a stable ambient temperature. Kyros towel rails can deliver significant saving on your heating bills without any loss of comfort in your home or premises

Lot 20 is a piece of legislation for electrical heating products, manufactured for sale in the EU, aimed at reducing harm to the environment and providing energy savings for consumers. All heaters have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy.