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The latest technology in electric heating for energy efficiency and performance

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Kyros Radiators

Rointe Kyros radiators provide a great energy efficient electric heating system. You’ll be in complete control as all our electric radiators have chrono-thermostatic technology. You can set different temperatures and time setting for each room meaning if you just want to heat one room, you can - no need to heat the whole house.

Kyros Towel Rails

Our Rointe Kyros designer towel rails are programmable and can be turned on at selected times with different heat settings. Available in white, chrome and metal, these stylish, fully controllable towel rails are designed to distribute heat efficiently and look fantastic in a bathroom.

Kyros Conservatory Radiators

Every Rointe conservatory radiator is maintenance-free and is backed by a 10-year guarantee. Our conservatory radiators plug into a 13A socket or fused spur making it easy to install heating into your conservatory. No pipework needed.

D Series Wi-Fi Radiator

Rointe D Series is a low energy consumption Wi-Fi radiator. Beautifully designed, they look great in any room. Its patented Fuzzy Logic and Optimizer Energy Plus technology make it incredibly energy efficient. In-built Wi-Fi allows you to control your heating system away from home on your smart phone via an app.

D Series Wi-Fi Towel Rails

Rointe D Series Wi-Fi towel rails are beautifully designed and give you the ability to control them away from the home on your smart phone, tablet or laptop via an app. They’re also really efficient when it comes to the energy they use whilst heating your bathroom and drying your towels at the same time!

Rointe Water Heaters

Installing Rointe Siena & Rome efficient hot water cylinder can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve water pressure. Our Rointe water heaters have unrivalled heat retention and come with advanced technology such as in-built Wi-Fi for control away from the home.

The Rointe range

We believe that Rointe supplies some of the best energy saving heating solutions in the marketplace and many of our customers have received unbelievable savings on their energy bills when switching to Rointe's heating products.

Rointe radiators are beautifully designed and look great in any room. Their patented Fuzzy Logic and Optimizer Energy Plus technology make them incredibly energy efficient, helping you to save money. Be in complete control and set different times and temperatures according to your lifestyle using the Kyros remote control.

Transform any interior space using Rointe new DESIGNLINE, with a range of colours and styles inspired by you. All Rointe heaters are wall mounted and require no pipe work. They're guaranteed to fit beautifully into your home or your business.

Get in touch - Our electrical heating specialists can help you find out more about the Rointe electric heating range. We’re passionate about offering customers a comprehensive range of the latest products, expert advice, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

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Hassle-free installation

Greenvision Energy can take the hassle and stress out of installation and fit your Rointe radiators for you. Our qualified electricians will also dispose of your old equipment and check your electrics during installation to ensure they are in proper working order. And as part of our supply and fit service, we will check you are on the right tariff for your heating.

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Why buy Rointe low energy consumption electric radiators?

Kyros radiators use patented Fussy Loggic energy control technology and exclusive software to control temperature variations to fractions of a degree.Less temperature variation means less energy used, reducing the amount of electricity required to maintain a stable ambient temperature. Kyros radiators can deliver significant saving on your heating bills without any loss of comfort in your home or premises

The Rointe Kyros radiators are packed with the latest technology, and are Lot 20 complaint ( They are made from high grade aluminon, which is fantastic conductor of heat. They work by circulating warm air around a room by natural air convection. Heat is distributed at an even temperature from floor to ceiling – no cold spots. They are maintenance free and come with a 20 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Reducing energy bills since 2011

With years of experience we work closely with homeowners, tenants, commercial clients, trade partners, and landlords and letting agents to provide everything needed to be more energy efficient, reduce energy bills and also the carbon footprint.

We can help with every aspect of energy efficiency and we’re passionate about offering customers a comprehensive range of the latest products, expert advice, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

Need some help or require a quote?

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