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Make expensive water bills a thing of the past with Oxygenics shower heads

Greenvision Energy is a premium distributor of Oxygenics and stocks Oxygenics shower heads, taps and aerators. With our range of easy-to-install, eco water-saving Oxygenic shower heads, you can reduce your water consumption by up to 70% while improving your water pressure and cutting your energy usage.

Oxygenics have spent years researching water usage and water conservation, and are now considered one of the pioneers of manufacturing water-saving products for around the home and in the workplace. 

In the past, the solution to water conservation was to lower the water pressure or install restrictors. This is an old and ineffective method of conservation as both methods tend to result in poor performance with the restrictors often removed as a consequence.

To create their innovative shower heads, Oxygenics have always worked closely with the world's most renowned experts. This has enabled them to refine and constantly innovate in the shower head market. They have now developed a range of water-saving shower heads that will use a minimum amount of water while maintaining maximum performance. Their shower heads give better performance and use less water than anything else on the market.

When it comes to water-saving devices like the low-pressure Oxygenics shower heads, it is advisable to spend time considering your purchase. If satisfaction and performance is paramount to you and your home or business, then it is important to remember that the products you buy should last years and not just fulfil the life of their payback. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". If you have any doubts regarding Oxygenics shower heads, don’t be put off, we've installed Oxygenics products all over the UK, including installations for the world's most renowned hotel brands. These types of businesses wouldn't be using Oxygenics if they weren’t 100% satisfied.


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Hotels & nursing homes can reduce water consumption by up to 60%

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