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Osily Electric Radiators


Osily’s energy efficient electric radiators will save you money on your electricity bills without you having to compromise on style. They are designed to heat rooms completely with minimum energy and will fit seamlessly into any environment. 


What are the benefits of the Osily radiators?
  • • Low energy consumption - fitted with a unique smart thermostat, your Osily radiator will be able to adapt to the temperature of the room without needing constant attention, avoiding energy waste due to heating and cooling.
  • • Twin-heating elements in a ceramic core - twin heating elements are surrounded by a high quality ceramic core, which allows the heat to be distributed more evenly than it would be otherwise.
  • • Easy to control and programme - Osily's radiators’ simple controls allow you to set the heating times and temperatures that you want for each individual room, so that your lounge can be warm and cosy, while your bedroom is cool.
  • • Complete warmth - with specially designed convection fins, Osily's electric radiators are able to heat the whole room without leaving cold spots.
  • • Maintenance free - Osily’s radiators contain no oil or fluids and come with a 20-year warranty that means you don’t need to worry about them.
  • • Quick to install - all you need is a bracket (included) and a plug socket. There’s no need to worry about pipework, or making a mess out of your walls.
  • • Permanent brightness - coated in a UV-protective power, Osily's radiators are resistant to fading that would otherwise be caused by sunlight. They will stay looking as good as when you first bought them.
  • • Freestanding and portable - just add Osily's radiator castors to make your electric radiator freestanding and easy to take with you wherever you go.

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