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Osily Electric Radiators

Osily Electric Radiators - warm your room quickly and efficiently Buy Osily radiators

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Lightweight, strong and with excellent heat distribution. Rapid and even heat distribution and a digital programmable control unit ensures the optimum heating pattern for you, room by room, radiator by radiator. The thermostat is accurate to 0.1 degree centigrade making the radiators extremely efficient. Every ecoHeat radiator has built in features such as open window detection to ensure no money is wasted. Programming and interacting with your radiators is easy with the positive feedback from the soft touch buttons. From the moment heat is required the maximum surface area is creating heat to warm your room as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Let us take away the stress by installing your new Osily Radiators

We can fit your Osily radiators for you. Our qualified electricians will also dispose of your old equipment and check your electrics during installation to ensure they are in proper working order. And as part of our supply and fit service, we’ll check you’re on the right tariff for your energy needs and you’re getting the best deal from your energy provider.

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Quick Installation

No pipework, no fuss, no mess. 13 amp plug supplied. Fix to the wall and plug in at the nearest socket

24/7 Digital Programming

Fully programmable controls allow you to set a 7 day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle, with different settings for every day of the week

Fast Efficient Heat Distribution

Dry thermal elements emit heat by a combination of convention and radiation

Open Window Detection

The radiator will switch to minimum heating if a window is opened. Ideal for student accommodation & hospitality

Ultra Slim Contemporary Design

The ultra slim, stylish design make them attractive, space-saving additions to your home

Pre-installed Programmes

Pre-installed programming makes setting up your radiators quick and easy. Just select the program that best suits your heating requirements. There are several programmes to suit most heating needs

Safety and Efficiency

Safety & Peace of Mind - BEAB Approved Mark provides reassurance to consumers that a product has achieved the highest levels of safety. The Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory, using accepted methods and that the product has been tested and assessed.

Lot 20 is a piece of legislation for electrical heating products, manufactured for sale in the EU, aimed at reducing harm to the environment and providing energy savings for consumers. All heaters have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy.