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Infrared Ceiling Panel

Why chose greenvision

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Designed to fit seamlessly into 600 x 600mm suspended ceilings. These lightweight ceiling panels are a great solution for providing warm, comfortable heating in large or open plan areas such as offices, meeting rooms and warehouses.


The ceiling panels provide high energy efficiency and does not waste energy by heating air or unused areas as infrared heating heats people and objects, and not air.


When installing ceiling panels, there is the added convenience of full usage of wall and floor space as a result. Not only that, unlike some competitors’ infrared heaters where the heat is emitted from both the back and front of the panel, Fusion’s ceiling panels radiate heat only from the front. They don’t waste energy producing heat from the panel’s back.


Fusion’s ceiling panels meet UK electric wiring regulations and their lightweight construction allows for easy fitting. Heat loss is minimised with their multi-stage insulation system. Their ceiling panels are available as either single or double grids.

What are the benefits of the Fusion ceiling panels?
  • •  Low energy consumption - infrared heating is one of the most environmentally friendly and economical heating systems around.
  • •  Retro fit - perfect solution to replace storage heaters, gas radiators and other traditional heating systems.
  • •  High tech - simple room by room intelligent temperature control.
  • •  Quickest - surface temperature response time of any heating technology.
  • •  Stylish - slim, modern design.
  • •  Air quality - greatly improved dramatically reducing condensation and mould growth.
  • •  Health - no air convection currents reduces dust, mite and germ content which is beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • •  Simple - installation to walls, ceilings and suspended ceilings.
  • •  Safe - low maximum surface temperature.
  • •  Low cost - a unique design and build process, using advanced techniques and materials.
  • •  Manufactured in the UK- to the highest standards.
Our supply and fit service

Greenvision Energy can take the hassle and stress out of installation and fit your Fusion products for you. We are an approved Fusion installer and our qualified electricians will also dispose of your old equipment and check your electrics during installation to ensure they are in proper working order.


And as part of our supply and fit service, we will check you are on the right tariff for your heating and see if there are funding opportunities for further energy efficiency measures. Call to book a free survey on 0115 854 7498. Find out more about the benefits of using our professional installation service.


Fusion's ceiling panels come with a 5-year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

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