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Dimplex Low Surface Temperature Radiator

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Dimplex Quantum storage heaters are stylish, elegant and have a low energy consumption. These advanced heaters are cheaper to run than standard storage heaters and take advantage of Economy 7 electricity by storing up energy when it is cheapest (between midnight and 7am). The system only turns this into efficient heat when needed, ensuring no electricity is wasted

Dimplex Low Surface Temperature Radiator



Quantum is the world’s most advanced electric storage heater. It uses low-cost, off-peak energy, making it the most economical electric heating system on the market today. Quantum stores this energy during periods of low demand, turning it into cost-effective and efficient heat only when it’s needed – whatever the time of day or night. The Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater leaves you in complete control as your able to program your heater to come on at whatever time and days you want!

A sophisticated self-learning algorithm is able to decide on how long to charge the storage heater for depending on your lifestyle, weather conditions and your preset times and temperatures. There is also an energy saving boost option for unexpected heat demands. This is particularly useful in summer months when you don’t require heat during the day, but may need heat for a couple of hours late evening when the temperature can drop