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Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

The award-winning Dimplex Quantum range. Maximum warmth and energy efficiency for low-cost electric heating. Get a quote

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Why is the ‘smart’ Dimplex Quantum the best alternative to a standard storage heater?

The Dimplex Quantum is the an advanced storage heater and the best alternative to old, inefficient storage heaters. Due to its superior heat storage technology, the Dimplex Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector.*

Other benefits of the Dimplex Quantum

  • Up to 47% cheaper to run than a convector heater. *
  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters. *
  • Fully programmable to fit your lifestyle using the simple LED display 
  • Thermostatically controlled – only releases heat when your home needs it, minimising costs. 
  • Attractive, state-of-the-art, compact design.
  • Boost option available when you need extra heat. 

We sell Dimplex Quantum on a supply and fit basis. To get an installation quote you can either call us on 0115 854 7498, email or request a call back on the form opposite.

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Why you shouldn’t install a standard storage heater?

Old storage heaters do not have any temperature or timing controls, resulting in the house being too hot during the day and running out of heat at night when you need it most. Many people then have to use additional heaters in the evening, adding more cost to their energy bills and with old storage heaters, you can’t vary temperature between rooms, such as making your bedroom cooler or your lounge warm in the evenings

All of these problems can be fixed by installing a Dimplex Quantum smart storage heater: the best alternative to a standard storage heater.

Hassle-free installation                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Let us take away the stress by installing your new Dimplex Quantum electric heating.

  • Our own qualified electricians 
  • Disposal and recycling of your old equipment 
  • Free survey to determine the best heating system for your property 
  • Free planning and design service Free advice on how achieve the best efficiency from your new electrical heating products 
  • Award winning and Dimplex approved installation service

We sell Dimplex Quantum on a supply and fit basis.
To get an installation quote you can either call us on 0115 854 7498, email or request a call back.

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How does the Dimplex Quantum save you money?

The key feature of the industry-leading Dimplex Quantum is its smart iQ controller, through which the advanced Dimplex Quantum can be programmed to release its stored heat at specific times and temperatures based on your lifestyle, instead of continuously releasing heat throughout the day. Only heating your home when you need it is a simple but highly effective method of greatly reducing your heating bill and the Dimplex Quantum also takes advantage of low rate, off-peak electricity such as Economy 7 and 10. It really is the best alternative to standard storage heaters.

Heat stored in the Dimplex Quantum is encased in a highly insulated Microform compartment, ensuring high heat retention for maximum energy efficiency. The Dimplex Quantum’s unique and sophisticated self-learning algorithm is able calculate how long to charge the heater depending on your lifestyle and pre-set times and temperatures. It will then only charge the heater for the amount of heat you require. Unlike an old storage heater, the Dimplex Quantum can even take into account external weather conditions when charging your heater.

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Greenvision Energy's Installation Service

Let us take away the stress and hassle of organising the installation of your new Dimplex Quantum storage heaters. We are an approved supplier and installer of Dimplex products. We can manage every aspect including a survey, electrical safety check, installation and removal of your old heating equipment. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your new heaters will be fitted safely and correctly by our qualified electricians.

Other benefits of our installation service

  • Free energy tariff check – we will check that you are on the best tariff for your new Dimplex heating system. It could save you £100’s per year.
  • Free heating plan - we’ll guide you through the right heating products for your home and lifestyle
  • Set up of your new Dimplex heating system – we will show you how to operate your new heating system or equipment to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
  • Free energy efficiency advice – we can give you help and advice on any other energy efficiency measures that your home could benefit from.

For more details about our installation service, please call 0115 854 7498 or email

Gerald McTernan, London

“Greenvision has to be the most helpful company ever sent to my property. No mess and no confusion they just got the job done. What impressed me most is they saved me £220 a year by switching my energy tariff. How’s that for service! I was not expecting them to go the extra mile but they really made the difference. The Dimplex heaters they installed are easy to use, and I’m confident they will save me even more money. Please pass on a special mention to Paul who switched my tariff and guided me through the setup, he was very professional and friendly.”

Diane Silver, Worthing

“I am pleased with how they took on board my particular situation, being chronically sick and having problems absorbing information. They took the time to explain things more than once until I understood. I had more technical questions than most and they answered all of them. They endeavoured to make this process easy for me. Greenvision team were extremely polite and took care to do the trunking to a high standard, which was important to me as it is on display. They worked round and with me, with regard to my health needs to make the experience the best it could be given that it was disrupted. Very pleased and would recommend them! ”

Sahra Bashi, London

“Fantastic install! The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial survey right through to handing over. Installation was stress free and greatly helps that your installers were courteous and clean. The Quantum’s themselves are easy to use once I was trained by your staff. You showed genuine interest in saving me money on my electric bills and I’m delighted to say that Greenvision saved me an additional £180 by switching my tariff. I was never aware how simple this was! The new heaters are clearly going to save me even more on my electric bills in the years to come. Please pass on my gratitude to all the team.”

Mark Evans, Ancaster

“In Spring 2016 I employed Greenvision Energy to install a new heating system to my property. They installed Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters, and I can honestly say this is one of the best buys I have made. The heaters are so easy to use, and I now have complete control over my heating. My energy bills have gone down and to top it off Greenvision even changed my tariff saving an additional £330.00 per year! Greenvision’s installers were very professional and courteous, and the whole install was done in just one day with minimum fuss. They have also been on hand with help and advice since the install took place, helping me get the very best out of these heaters. “

Trevor Ball, Nottingham

“We have had the Quantum heaters installed for about a month now we are very happy with the heaters & the electric they use. I’m now spending less than ever on my bills! The installation went very well, with everything installed in a single day - no mess and a great job by Paul and his team. They explained the controls to me in detail and they are so easy to use. They look great too, so much better than the old tired storage heaters they removed. A very happy customer!“

Ms Murphy, Nottingham

“My house used to be a cold damp place to live, with condensation on all the windows and no heat on the evenings. I have had health issues recently, and really felt uncomfortable in my home. Greenvision installed the new Dimplex heaters and the difference it has made is huge. They also helped me access Winter Fuel allowance and Affordable Warmth allowance, which I didn’t know I was entitled to before. I am so much happier now and would recommend these heaters to everyone! Thanks to everyone involved”

What are the main benefits of buying a Dimplex Quantum storage heater?

You can enjoy low running costs with the Dimplex Quantum storage heater as it uses low cost ‘off peak’ electricity. The heater’s ability to release its stored heat at preset times and temperatures means you won’t waste electricity either.

Installation is easy as the Dimplex Quantum requires no pipework or flues. Greenvision Energy can fit the storage heaters in your home, taking the hassle out of organising an electrician. The storage heaters are also virtually maintenance free. In addition, you don’t need an annual safety check.

How does my Dimplex Quantum storage heater work?

The Dimplex Quantum is one of the most advanced storage heaters on the market and has a sophisticated self-learning algorithm. This means it “learns” your heating patterns and uses this information to calculate how long to charge the storage heater.

Are they easy to use?

Yes, the Dimplex Quantum is easy to use. It is fitted with an iQ controller so you can pre-set your heating temperatures and times. In addition, the storage heater has an easy to read LCD display and you can manually adjust the settings with the user-friendly control knobs which have been designed with the visually impaired in mind.

Does the Dimplex Quantum come with a warranty?

Dimplex offer a standard two year warranty. Warranty registration is required. See manufacturers information for specific details.

How many storage heaters will I need to heat a property effectively?

This will depend on the number and size of the rooms in your property. Greenvision Energy can provide a free survey to identify the correct number of storage heaters you require for your property. Please call us on 0115 854 7498 for more details.

Can I move my Dimplex Quantum storage heater?

The storage heaters are extremely heavy and therefore should only be moved by a qualified electrician. Please contact Greenvision Energy first if you are thinking of moving your Dimplex Quantum. Before relocating the storage heater, for safety reasons all electrical supplies to the heater must be switched off and all bricks removed.

Can I dry my clothes on my storage heater?

No, you should not dry your clothes on the storage heater. The surfaces of the heater should never be covered and the air outlet grilles should not be obstructed. This can cause the temperature of the storage heaters to rise and the safety cut-outs to work.

Can I paint my storage heaters?

No, you should not paint the storage heater. The paint finish on the Dimplex Quantum is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures.

Can I put shelving above my Dimplex Quantum storage heater?

Yes. You need to ensure a minimum distance of 150mm between the Dimplex Quantum and the shelf.

Can the Dimplex Quantum storage heater be wall mounted?

Due to their extremely heavy weight, Dimplex Quantums are not designed for wall mounting. The heater is fitted with a combination of secure wall fixings and feet.

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater

  • Up to 27% cheaper to run *
  • Easy to use programming system to personalise to your every heating need
  • Simple iQ controller with large LED display
  • Self-learning algorithm learns your heating patterns and only charges the heater overnight to the amount of heat you need for the day
  • Beautiful, compact design looks great in any environment
  • Designed to reduce the need for decorating - appropriate size and adjustable feet allows the Dimplex Quantum to fill any signs of previous storage heaters
  • Heats whole room from floor to ceiling by natural air convection

Standard storage heater

  • No ability to pre-set temperatures and times - once on, standard storage heaters are incredibly difficult to control
  • Complicated controls are extremely difficult to regulate and set up
  • Often runs out of heat
  • Bulky and unattractive
Information taken from

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